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Lyan Khazanchi

Lyan Khazanchi

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Lyan Khazanchi

comn alumna lyan khazanchi

BA Honours, Communication Studies 2015

Communications Manager, TD Bank Group

Since graduating from York, my learning journey has not ended! I pursued a post-graduate certificate in Corporate Communications & Public Relations, a Masters in Digital Marketing, and I am currently in the final stages of completing an MBA. Work-wise, I have tried out several industries, including government, gourmet, software, non-profit and think-tanks. Currently, I work in the financial district as a Communications Manager. On the side, I manage my freelance business, where I provide services to brands on a client basis - such as branding, PR, writing, content creation, etc.

The York University Communications program is truly unique. The instructors are highly experienced professionals, with a vast network and willing to connect students. The courses vary (which I appreciated!) as I learned a variety of subjects within the Communications world, without limiting myself to specific specialization from the start. It taught me what was out there, what I enjoyed, and what I wanted to continue to do.