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Zannalyn Robest

Zannalyn Robest

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Zannalyn Robest

comn alumna Zannalyn Robest

BA Honours, Communication Studies 2010

Currently: Community Development Officer, City of Toronto's Social Development Finance and Administration Division

Being a 'comms' major was like taking the red pill and being able to see through the matrix. With a mix of human psychology, social trends, history, economics and politics, having an understanding of communications theory has made me a better parent and a better employee.I have recently received a 6.5 million dollar grant to implement a project focused on mental health with The City of Toronto.The skills and understanding gained within the program helped shape one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I did my practicum at Harbourfront centre and learned much about media engagement. I applied this knowledge to an incident at the university that gained sustained media attention due to some of the concepts I learned in class and the opportunity to apply them at my placement.

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