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Faculty Publications

Browse the latest research from our expert faculty members as they push the boundaries and gain recognition for their contributions. We hope their efforts help and inspire your work. Please feel free to reach out to us for collaboration opportunities.

Featured Publication

Rooftop Societies: The Middle East Paradox

by Fereydoon Rahmani

Rooftop Societies is a groundbreaking investigation into Middle Eastern communities and sociopolitical constructs of the region. The theories and ideas behind “Rooftop societies” are meant for resistance and paint a picture of perpetual antagonism and dualism within these societies. Deep rifts between the state and society, the elites and regular citizens, and modernist forces and religious traditionalism are still vehemently manifested in the sociopolitical and cultural fibers of the region.

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rooftop societies the middle east paradox book cover

Fereydoon Rahmani

“Rooftop societies” is a groundbreaking investigation into Middle Eastern communities and sociopolitical constructs of the region. The theories and ideas ...

righting humanity in our time book cover

Livy Visano, Merle A Jacobs

Vico and the Social Theory of Law book cover

Paul A. Brienza

This creative text is the result of a scholarly struggle with the meaning over the context of a social theory ...

women's work book cover

Merle A Jacobs

agon culture book cover

Claudio Colaguori

Agon Culture: Competition, Conflict and the Problem of Domination is a book in the tradition of the Frankfurt School’s critical ...

work, occupations and professionalization book cover

Merle A Jacobs

Work is increasingly dependant upon credentialism, special skills, experience, and education. Regulatory bodies set standards of professionalism, employment, and practice ...

critical readings in health book cover

Merle A Jacobs

the cappuccino priciple book cover

Merle A Jacobs

Dr. Jacobs speaks to the academic, institutional, and societal issues associated with the need for social justice in the workplace. ...

the professionalization of work book cover

Merle A Jacobs

This book contributes to the overall question of the professionalization of work through detailed theoretical analysis and qualitative research techniques. ...

what do they know book cover

Livy Visano

What Do They Know? is a comprehensive, contemporary, and controversial discussion of the differential impact of culture on youth crime. ...

Gender Equality in Iranian History book cover

Minoo Derayeh

In the last two decades, under the Islamic Republic, laws affecting the status of Iranian women came in the form ...

is anyone listening book cover

Merle A Jacobs

Jacobs has brought together the work of a number of progressive feminist writers, who theorize gender, race, diversity research, the ...