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Contract Faculty

Meet our skilled contract faculty who bring considerable real world experience into the class every day. Our contract members include industry professionals, visiting scholars and other experts. Find out more about their professional experience, research activities and areas of academic interest.

Paul Brienza

Office: 402 Atkinson College/ Office Hours: Wednesdays, 3-4:30 pm Paul Brienza is a graduate of the Sociology program at York. He graduated in 2008 and has been teaching in the ...

Andreas Georgiou

Atkinson College, 3rd floor 96 Pond Road

Walter Perchal

Since completing his undergraduate and graduate studies Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Walter Perchal served both in the Canadian Forces and taught a wide range of courses at York University, Over the ...

Marc Weinstein

Email:  Office hours: By appointment; additional accessibility by scheduled phone appointments  Degrees:  Political Science, Social & Political Thought: Political Economy  Over 30 years dedicated to teaching and promoting student development ...