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Marc Weinstein

Marc Weinstein

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Marc Weinstein

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Office hours: By appointment; additional accessibility by scheduled phone appointments 

Degrees:  Political Science, Social & Political Thought: Political Economy 

Over 30 years dedicated to teaching and promoting student development and excellence. In addition to course content, pedagogical emphasis is placed on critical thinking, reading and writing skills.  

Interdisciplinary background & emphasis:  

Democracy & Human Rights; Economic “Rights”: Political Economy; Development of Capitalism: History & Theory (including the transition from Feudalism); Colonialism, Development & Underdevelopment; Colonialism, Racism and Indigenous History & Studies; Human Rights, Equity & Inequality (Class, Race & Gender); Liberalism, Neo-liberalism & Globalization; Capital and Labour relations; Theories of the State; Morality, Ethics & Toleration Rationality and the conception of progress; Psychology, Freud, Ideology & Politics; History & Philosophy of Science.  

 Research Interests: 

 Science and Methodology in Political Economy with particular reference to the relation between logical and historical analysis. Problems of epistemic and ontological grounds especially pertaining to issues in the fields of technology, ecology and theories of human nature. The connections between commodity exchange individuality and political inter-subjectivity including phenomenological ideology and psychology.