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Our Alumni

We are proud of our highly successful alumni. They are winning hearts, and changing minds and the world. Whether in the public or private sector and whichever industry, you'll find our graduates doing great work. Take a look at their pathways in life and get inspired for your own journey.

If you would like to share your experiences as a DES alum, please fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Top 30 Under 30 - 2024

York University has announced its Top 30 Alumni Under 30 for 2024, and this year features several Department of Equity Studies graduates.

Photo of top 30 under 30 grad Larissa Parekh 350x350

Larissa Parekh

Community builder
BA ’17, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Larissa Parekh is a community-centered leader specializing in capacity development, community resilience, leadership, climate change and international development. Her passion for strengthening community resilience in vulnerable communities drives her to build meaningful connections and emphasize an asset-based approach to community development. Larissa’s commitment to community engagement started as an undergraduate student at York University where she worked with local organizations to provide funding and resources for vulnerable populations. As a student, her research explored how informal leadership and social capital drives the success of community-based adaptation methods to climate change and community resilience in the Global South, with an emphasis on rural, women-focused experiences. Larissa has served as a conference coordinator for a non-profit organization dedicated to creating spaces that advocate for the needs and interests of rural or remotely located communities and she continues to volunteer and offer support for their rural conferences to foster greater collaboration and connection. Larissa’s experience with community engagement contributes to her current work with communities, emphasizing vulnerable neighbourhoods and working to strengthen community resilience and preparedness against disasters and emergencies. 

Photo of top 30 under 30 grad Leanne Prendergast 350x350

Leanne Prendergast

Anti-bullying advocate and author
BA ’16, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Leanne Prendergast is the founder and executive director of Love our Lives, a non-profit organization that works to help young girls and women live happy and healthy lives by using practical tools and measures to address issues of bullying, low self-esteem and other mental health issues. Leanne co-authored a self-help book, Getting to Know Me, based on her personal experience of being bullied as a child. The book provides support for girls, their families and other support workers in identifying the telltale signs of bullying and how to find help and support. Leanne is a motivational speaker, activist and a voice of change, both nationally and internationally. She provides workshops, seminars and programs within schools and community events to address the effects of bullying on girls and young women in schools, in relationships and within organizations. Leanne has been recognized for her service and community work by television programs, radio stations and newspapers and is a frequently requested speaker at many conferences and events, speaking at WE Day, and was featured in a TEDx Talk. 

Tawfic Amandi profile photo

Tawfic Amandi

Human Rights & Equity Studies

Sayjon Ariyarathnam profile photo

Sayjon Ariyarathnam

Criminology, Human Rights & Equity Studies

Kiana Blake profile photo

Kiana Blake

Criminology, Human Rights & Equity Studies

Felicia Falconer profile photo

Felicia Falconer

Criminology, Human Rights & Equity Studies

Yussuf Hassan profile photo

Yussuf Hassan

Human Rights & Equity Studies
Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Honours 2016


Yun Lin profile photo

Yun Lin

Human Rights & Equity Studies