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Check out our quarterly UPDigest newsletter for the latest updates from the Sociology Department. We will be recapping developments in our Department, providing relevant information for students and taking a peek at the future. Our timely and relevant information will help keep you informed about our work, major trends in Sociology and relevant news from around the world impacting our work.

March 2022 UPDigest Issue

March 2022 Issue

We are using this March newsletter to address the issue of war(s). The suffering of the people in Ukraine is certainly on our minds, as we watch the devastation of cities, air raids targeting civilians, and a rapidly growing number of people seeking refuge--the now more than 3 millions of Ukrainians forced to leave their homes and livelihoods become part of a global refugee population at an unprecedented scale.

It is heart-wrenching to see the scenes of destruction and the catastrophic impact on people's lives. We have witnessed similar, if not more atrocious events in Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Eritrea, South Sudan, and Myanmar to just name a few of the ongoing war situations that are currently not in the media spotlight.

Considering the role of the media: we know that the control over the image and more broadly speaking, truth itself, is among the key strategies of war architects and those who profit from war in various ways. This is an issue several contributors will address in the short pieces that can be found in the newsletter.

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