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Academic Officers & Staff

Learn more about our team, their work and how to contact them.

NameLocationPhone NumberEmail Address
Glasbeek, Amanda 
Interim Chair
754 Ross South416-736-2100
James W. Williams 
Undergraduate Program Director (UPD)
742 Ross South416-736-2100
Mary Goitom 
Graduate Program Director (GPD), Development Studies (DVST)
866 Ross South416-736-2100
Annie Bunting 
Graduate Program Director (GPD), Socio-Legal Studies (SLST)
733 Ross South416-736-2100
David Cecchetto 
Graduate Program Director (GPD), Social & Political Thought (SPTH)
711 Ross South416-736-2100
General Inquiries 737 Ross South 416-736-5054
Khansa N. Cheema Administrative Coordinator 755 Ross South 416-736-2100 x33809
Jennifer-Anne Brethour Administrative Assistant 753 Ross South 416-736-2100 x55056
Administrative Assistant (CUPE) (See also Lucy C 737 Ross South 416-736-2100 x77799
Lucia (Lucy) Cozzolino Undergraduate Coordinator, Faculty 737-B Ross South 416-736-2100 x20454
Alda Lone Undergraduate Coordinator, Programs 737-C Ross South 416-736-2100 x77797
Jacqueline (Jacquie) Selman Undergraduate Coordinator, Students 737-A Ross South 416-736-2100 x77798
Orlene Ellis Graduate Program Assistant, Development Studies (DVST) 744 Ross South 416-736-2100 x20979
Judith Hawley Graduate Program Assistant, Social & Political Thought (SPTH) 712 Ross South 416-736-2100 x55320
Natasha Kochar Graduate Program Assistant, Socio-Legal Studies (SLST) 741 Ross South 416-736-2100 x22689
Shamsa Katchi Student Success & Academic Advisor 740 Ross South 416-736-2100 x22760
Ladonna Taylor Student Success & Academic Advisor 756 Ross South 416-736-2100 x33219
Nathalie (Nat) DiLorenzo Undergraduate Program Administrator: LASO & URST 746 Ross South 416-736-2100 x66272 and
Susan Fiorillo Undergraduate Program Administrator: BUSO & WKLS 748 Ross South 416-736-2100 x77805 and
Elvisa Zjakic Undergraduate Program Administrator: AFST, IDS, ISS, LACS, & SAST  749 Ross South 416-736-2100 x77796
Pamela Lamb Undergraduate Program Administrator: CRIM & HESO 751 Ross South 416-736-2100 x20260
Nalini Balliram Undergraduate Program Assistant 737 Ross South 416-736-5054
Edward Fenner Website & Communications Assistant 737-4 Ross South 416-736-2100 x33430
Chad Pether Program Assistant 737 Ross South 416-736-5054

Common Social Science Acronyms 

AFST = African Studies 
BUSO = Business & Society 
CRIM = Criminology 
GPD = Graduate Program Director 
HESO = Health & Society 
IDS or IDST = International Development Studies 
ISS = Interdisciplinary Social Science 
LACS = Latin American & Caribbean Studies 
LASO = Law & Society 

SAST = South Asian Studies 
SLST = Socio-Legal Studies 
SOSC = Social Science 
SPT or SPTH = Social & Political Thought 
TA = Teaching Assistant 
UPA = Undergraduate Program Assistant 
UPD = Undergraduate Program Director 
URST = Urban Studies 
WKLS = Work & Labour Studies