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Faculty & Research

Our outstanding faculty are engaging in world-class research, winning major awards, accolades and fellowships for their achievements. That scholarship is reflected in the classroom and has a positive effect in the community. We’re making a global impact, influencing public policy and debate, enriching society and inspiring awe.

female professor lecturing to students

Our Faculty

Get to know the faculty members of the Department of Social Science and their academic areas of interest.

Our Research

Our faculty are leading the way in their respective fields of study with innovating, topical research that’s making an impact worldwide.


Our excellence is reflected in the many accolades our faculty have secured.

Faculty Resources

We know life can get challenging for faculty members. Make sure to take advantage of our social and professional resources when the going gets tough.

Committee Information

Familiarize yourself with our committees and their members. These committees ensure the smooth functioning and continuous development of our department.