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Committee Information

Our faculty members participate in various committees to ensure the smooth functioning and continuous development of our department and LA&PS as a whole.

Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Uwafiokun IdemudiaExecutiveDepartment Chair
Paul BaxterExecutiveUndergraduate Program Director
Richard WellenExecutiveAdjudication Committee
Carlo FanelliExecutiveAt Large Rep. (small program)
Annie BuntingExecutiveAt Large Rep. (large program)
Gamal Abdel-ShehidExecutiveGraduate Program Rep.
Matt TegelbergExecutiveCurriculum Committee Rep.
Douglas YoungExecutiveAAE Rep
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Eduardo CanelAdjudicationChair
Uwafiokun IdemudiaAdjudicationex-officio, non-voting
Richard WellenAdjudicationMatt Tegelberg’s FPC
David SzabloskiAdjudicationat large
James WilliamsAdjudicationOzgun Topac’s FPC
Jaqueline KrikorianAdjudicationMegan Davies’ FPC
Amanda GlasbeekAdjudicationat large
Laura KwakAdjudicationat large
TBDAdjudicationundergraduate student rep
TBDAdjudicationgraduate student rep
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Sonya ScottNominationsChair
Amanda GlasbeekNominations
Uwafiokun IdemudiaNominationsex officio, Exec rep
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Sonya ScottDepartment Council Chair
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Matt TegelbergCurriculum
Paul BaxterCurriculumex-officio, UPD
Uwafiokun IdemudiaCurriculumex officio, Exec rep
Nga DaoCurriculum
Salewa OlawoyeCurriculum
Lykke de la CourCurriculum
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
James WilliamsGrades ReappraisalChair
Nathanael OjongGrades Reappraisalex-officio, UPD
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Emilia NielsenEthicsChair
Mohamed SesayEthicsex-officio, UPD
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Tuulia LawResearch & CommunicationsChair
Mohamed SesayResearch & Communications
Matthew TegelbergResearch & Communications
Audrey Laurin-LamotheResearch & Communications
Jeffrey SquireResearch & Communications
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Teresa AbbruzzeseTeaching DevelopmentChair
Kenton KrokerTeaching Development
Tyler TottenTeaching Development
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Kenton KrokerAcademic HonestyChair
Ozgun TopakAcademic Honesty
Katherine NastovskyAcademic Honesty
Tyler TottenAcademic Honesty
Miguel GonzalezAcademic Honesty
Jeannie SamuelAcademic Honesty
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Douglas YoungAffirmative Action & EquityChair
Teresa AbruzzeseAffirmative Action & Equity
Audrey Laurin-LamotheAffirmative Action & Equity
Amanda GlasbeekAffirmative Action & Equity
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Carlo FanelliYUFA steward
Annette BickfordYUFA steward
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Uwafiokun IdemudiaSpace PlanningChair
Viviana PatroniSpace Planning
Amanda GlasbeekSpace Planning
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Mohamed SesayUndergraduate Program Coordinator, AFST
Merouan MekouarUndergraduate Program Coordinator, IDS
John SimoulidisUndergraduate Program Coordinator, BUSO
Tuulia LawUndergraduate Program Coordinator, CRIM
Natasha TusikovUndergraduate Program Coordinator, Foundations
Mark PeacockUndergraduate Program Coordinator, HESO
Nalini PersramUndergraduate Program Coordinator, ISS
Miriam SmithUndergraduate Program Coordinator, LASO
Douglas YoungUndergraduate Program Coordinator, URST
Carlo FanelliUndergraduate Program Coordinator, WKLS
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Gamal Abdel-ShehidGraduate Program Director, SPTH
Viviana PatroniGraduate Program Director, DVST
Jacqueline KrikorianGraduate Program Director, SLST
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Uwafiokun IdemudiaAppointmentsDept Chair
Paul BaxterAppointmentsUPD
Douglas YoungAppointmentsAAE Chair
Matt TegelbergAppointmentsCurriculum Chair
Denielle ElliottAppointmentsAt Large Rep, small program
Sonya ScottAppointmentsAt Large Rep, large program
Gamal Abdel-ShehidAppointmentsGraduate Program Rep
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
John Simoulidis
Uwafiokun Idemudia
Faculty of LA&PS, SOSC Representatives (LA&PS Council)
TBDFaculty of LA&PS, LA&PS Executive
Paul BaxterFaculty of LA&PS, Academic Policy and Planning Committee
TBDFaculty of LA&PS, Curriculum, Curricular Policy and Standards
James SheptyckiFaculty of LA&PS, Tenure and Promotions
Rosemary CoombeFaculty of LA&PS, Research Policy and Planning
Laura Kwak
Tuulia Law
Faculty of LA&PS, Student Academic Petitions and Appeals
Megan DaviesFaculty of LA&PS, Teaching, Learning and Student Success
Linda PeakeFaculty of LA&PS, Strategic Internationalization Plan
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Uwafiokun Idemudia
Richard Wellen
Senate, LA&PS Representative
Laura KwakSenate, Honorary Degrees & Ceremonials
Lykke de la CourSenate, Appeals
Linda PeakeSenate, Carnegie Classification Advisory Group
Dagmara WoronkoSenate, Academic Standards, Curriculum and Planning
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Uwafiokun Idemudia
Jacqueline Krikorian
Faculty of Graduate Studies, Petitions
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Lykke de la CourYUFA Equity
Miriam SmithYUFA Joint Committee on Administration of Agreement
Richard Wellen
Audrey Laurin-Lamothe
Matthew Tegelberg
YUFA Joint Financial Information Subcommittee
Faculty MemberCommittee TypePosition
Megan DaviesEnable York Committee (Centre for Human Rights)
Rosemary CoombeVPRI SPORT (Strategic Projects and Opportunities Review Team)
Emilia NielsonCentre for Feminist Research, Mary McEwan Memorial Award Committee