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Committee Information

Our faculty members participate in various committees to ensure the smooth functioning and continuous development of our department and LA&PS as a whole.

Schedule of meetings for 2021-2022 (PDF)

Executive Committee

Faculty MemberPosition
Uwafiokun IdemudiaDepartment Chair
Paul BaxterUndergraduate Program Director
Richard WellenAdjudication Committee Rep.
Natasha TusikovCurriculum Committee Chair
Viviana Patroni/Mary GoitemGraduate Program Rep.
Annie BuntingAAE Rep.
Merouan MekouarAt Large Rep. (small program)
Kimberley WhiteAt Large Rep. (large program)

Departmental Committees

David Szablowski (Chair)
Uwa Idemudia (ex-officio, non-voting)
Richard Wellen (FPC, Audrey Lamin-Lamothe)
Annie Bunting (FPC, Laura Kwak)
Amanda Glasbeek (FPC, Paul Baxter, Natasha Tusikov)
Nga Dao (member at large)
Rosemary Coombe (member at large)
Lykke de la Cour (member at large)

Linda Wang (Undergrad Student Rep)
Natilie Richer (Graduate Student Rep)

Carlo Fanelli

Kenton Kroker
Jacqueline Krikorian

Ozgun Topak (Chair)
Jeffrey Squire
Katherine Nastovski

Amelie Barras (Chair)
Patrick Clark
Miguel Gonzalez
Jay Goulding
Jacqueline Krikorian
James McGillvray
Jay Ramasubramanyam
Jeannie Samuel
Miriam Smith
Ted Winslow

Uwa Idemudia (Chair)
Viviana Patroni
Amanda Glasbeek

Mohamed Sesay (AFST)
Mark Peacock (BUSO)
Tuulia Law (CRIM)
Natasha Tusikov (Foundations)
Mark Peacock (HESO)
Amanda Glasbeek (Fall)/Nalini Persram (Winter) (ISS)
Miguel Gonzales (IDS)
Amelie Barras (LASO)
Teresa Abruzzesse (URST)
Carlo Fanelli (WKLS)

Amanda Glasbeek (Chair)
Megan Davies
Uwa Idemudia (ex officio, Exec rep)

Natasha Tusikov (Chair)
Paul Baxter (ex-officio, UPD)
James Sheptycki
James Williams
Soren Frederiksen
Salewa Olawoye
Lykke de la Cour

Emilia Nielsen (Chair)
Mohamed Sesay
Nathanael Ojong

Teresa Abbruzzese (Chair)
Jeffrey Squire
Tyler Totten
Jessica Braimoh

Annie Bunting (Exec rep)
Teresa Abruzzese
Leo Baskatawang
Denielle Elliott
Audrey Laurin-Lamothe
Allyson Lunny (Winter only)

Recruitment & Retention (NEW, ad hoc)

Uwa Idemudia (Dept Chair)
Paul Baxter (UPD)
(AAE Chair)
(Curriculum Chair)
Annette Bickford (At Large Rep, small program)
(At Large Rep, large program)
(Graduate Program Rep)

Kamala Kempadoo (Fall) (SPTH)
Viviana Patroni (Fall)/ Mary Goitem (Winter) (DVST)
Claudio Colaguori (SLST)

Denielle Elliott

Faculty of LA&PS Standing Committees

Faculty MemberPosition
Rosemary Coombe
Uwafiokun Idemudia
SOSC Representatives (LA&PS Council)
TBDLA&PS Executive
Amanda GlasbeekAcademic Policy and Planning Committee
Teresa AbbruzzeseCurriculum, Curricular Policy and Standards
Miriam Smith
Denielle Elliott
Tenure and Promotions
TBDResearch Policy and Planning
Nathaneal Ojong
Tyler Totten
Student Academic Petitions and Appeals
TBDTeaching, Learning and Student Success
TBDStrategic Internationalization Plan
Emilia NielsenGraduate Committee

YUFA Steward

Annette Bickford