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Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary Linked (BA)

Honours (Double Major) Interdisciplinary BA Program under the Honours (Double Major) Program, the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies offers, a pattern of courses in African Studies. Students participating as majors in African Studies must also select a major in one of the following Faculties/Departments: Anthropology, Economics, English, Environmental Studies, French Studies, History, Humanities, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, Women's Studies or another approved discipline or program such as International Development Studies. In order to pursue a combination of studies not listed above, students must obtain permission from both the relevant departmental Undergraduate Program Director and the African Studies Coordinator. All African Studies majors should arrange their program of study in consultation with the African Studies Coordinator, and with an advisor in the department of their major. Students who do not wish to formally register in this program, but who are interested in Africa, are also encouraged to consult with the Coordinator.

Since African Studies is considered a linked Interdisciplinary Program, students will combine a minimum of 36 credits in their chosen departmental/divisional major with a minimum of 36 credits in African Studies.

The 36 credits in African Studies must include the following:

  • AP/SOSC 2480 9.0
  • 24 credits chosen from African Studies Program courses
  • 6 credits in African Studies at the 4000-level

Courses taken to meet African Studies requirements cannot also be used to meet the requirements of the departmental major. Once 24 credits have been successfully completed, students registered in African Studies will take the core course: AP/SOSC2480 9.0 Introduction of African Studies (Note: 6 credits of this course will count towards the African Studies Major). In addition to the core course, students will take at least 30 credits in African Studies including a minimum of 6 credits in African Studies at the 4000-level. Students must complete a minimum of 18 credits at the 4000-level including at least 6 credits in African Studies and 6 credits in the departmental/divisional major.

Students who wish to follow this program of study should register in the Honours (Double Major) Program, and indicate both their departmental major subject and African Studies; for example, Honours (Double Major) Anthropology/African Studies.

For further details of requirements, see the listings for specific Honours (Double Major) Interdisciplinary BA Programs. Entering students who declare a major in African Studies may, in consultation with the Coordinator, enrol in 2000-level courses.

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