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Faculty Publications

Browse the latest research from our experienced faculty members who continue to push boundaries and gain recognition for their contributions. We hope their efforts help and inspire your work. Please feel free to reach out to us for collaboration opportunities.

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Producing Islam(s) in Canada book cover

Producing Islam(s) in Canada: On Knowledge, Positionality, and Politics

Edited By Amélie Barras

In Producing Islam(s) in Canada, twenty-nine interdisciplinary scholars analyze how academics have thought, researched and written on Islam and Muslims in Canada since the 1970s.
During the last twenty years, public interest in Islam and how Muslims express their religious identity in Western societies has grown exponentially. In parallel, the study of Islam in the Canadian academy has grown in a number of fields since the 1970s, reflecting a diverse range of scholarship, positionalities, and politics. Yet, academic research on Muslims in Canada has not been systematically assessed.

In Producing Islam(s) in Canada, scholars from a wide range of disciplines come together to explore what is at stake regarding portrayals of Islam(s) and Muslims in academic scholarship. Given the centrality of representations of Canadian Muslims in current public policy and public imaginaries, which affects how all Canadians experience religious diversity, this analysis of knowledge production comes at a crucial time.

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Amartya Sen and Rational Choice: The Concept of Commitment book cover

Mark Peacock

Are human beings motivated exclusively by self-interest? The orthodox theory of rational choice in economics thinks that they are. Amartya ...

Book Cover: Jewish Family - Identity and Self-Formation at Home

Randal F. Schnoor

In Jewish Family: Identity and Self-Formation at Home Alex Pomson and Randal F. Schnoor advance a new appreciation for the deep significance ...

Book Cover: Disrupting Breast Cancer Narratives

Emilia Nielsen

Engaging with discussions surrounding the culture of disease, Disrupting Breast Cancer Narratives explores politically insistent narratives of illness. Resisting the optimism of ...

Information, Technology and Control in a Changing World: Understanding Power Structures in the 21st Century book cover

Natasha Tusikov

This book explores the interconnected ways in which the control of knowledge has become central to the exercise of political, ...

The Politics of the Police. 5th edition book cover

James W. E. Sheptycki

The fifth edition of the popular and highly acclaimed The Politics of the Police has been completely revised, expanded, and ...

Financiarisation et élite économique au Québec (Financialization and the economic elite in Quebec) book cover

Audrey Laurin-Lamothe

Derrière ce qu’il est convenu d’appeler la financiarisation se cache bien plus que le seul développement fulgurant de l’industrie de ...

Africapitalism: Sustainable Business and Development in Africa book cover

Uwafiokun Idemudia

Using theory, empirical research, and case studies, this book explores the changing nature of business in Africa and how businesses ...

Change and Continuity: Canadian Political Economy in the New Millennium book cover

Carlo Fanelli

In a period characterized by growing social inequality, precarious work, the legacies of settler colonialism, and the emergence of new ...

Book Cover: Media and Transnational Climate Justice. Indigenous Activism and Climate Politics

Matthew Tegelberg

Media and Transnational Climate Justice captures the intriguing nexus of globalization, crisis, justice, activism and news communication, at a time when ...

Book Cover: Indigenous People and the Criminal Justice System - A Practitioners Handbook

Jonathan Rudin

Indigenous people are the most over-represented population in Canada’s criminal justice system. Their experiences within the system are interwoven with ...

Book Cover: Racial Profiling and Human Rights in Canada - The New Legal Landscape

Lesley A. Jacobs

Racial profiling is a hot-button topic that elicits strong responses on both sides. A series of public discussions has so ...

Book Cover; Women and Gendered Violence in Canada - An Intersectional Approach

Tuulia Law

Violence against women is usually framed as an issue of interpersonal violence perpetuated by men. While domestic violence and sexual ...

Book Cover - Beyond Accommodation Everyday Narratives of Muslim Canadians

Amélie Barras

Drawing on interviews with Muslims in Montreal and St. John’s, Selby, Barras, and Beaman examine moments in which religiosity is ...

Book Cover: Labor Politics in Latin America - Democracy and Worker Organization in the Neoliberal Era

Viviana Patroni

In recent decades, Latin American countries have sought to modernize their labor market institutions to remain competitive in the face ...

Book Cover: Grey Zones in International Economic Law and Global Governance

Lesley A. Jacobs

Since the 2008 economic meltdown, market-driven globalization has posed new challenges for governments. This collection introduces the innovative concept of ...

Book Cover: Body Work

Emilia Nielsen

If Body Work begins by writing desire through a belief in the stability of the physical body, this is undone in exploring ...