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1995 Season

Season Staff:

Nancy Accinelli, Executive Producer ​
Fredrick H. Thury, Artistic Director
Matthew Schmider, Associate Producer, Public Relations Assistant
Sherma Mitchell, Business Manager
Monique Constant, House Manager
Nick Brentanos, Box Office Manager
John Robichaud, Lighting Engineer
Randy Hall, Sound Technician

Festival I!

Festival I!

Feb. 8 - 11, 1995
Fred Thury Studio Theatre, 258 Vanier College

What happens when three winning Amateur Theatre Companies from around the world get to the final stage of a Similar One-Act Play Competition? Thoroughly for the three finalist theatre companies to put on, each in their own way, for your viewing pleasure.

Written by Fredrick H. Thury 
Directed by Fredrick H. Thury 
Director Assisted by Esther Chung 

A Cottage of Fear 

Written by Frida Throughly 
Production Managed and Technical Directed by Mark Easey 
Production Manager and Technical Director Assisted by Paul Delaney 
Stage Managed by Tyler W. Schwartz 
Assistant Stage Managed by John Beers and Tim Fitzsimmons 
Set Designed by Mark Easey and Fredrick H. Thury 
Lighting Designed by Ted Hyde 
Sound Sculptured by Fredrick H. Thury 
Wardrobe Designed by Deborah Brewster and Rose Marie Ferri 
Makeup Assisted by Gabriela Tobal and Eberre Walker 
Props Managed by Rebecca Tapiero 

Mrs. Helen Renfrew as Chair 

Act One - The Timesmoore Dramatic Society:
Directed by Margaret Pennington 
Stage Managed by Terry Muster
Donald Pennington as Matthew Austin 
John Stolks as Curtis Portsman 
Leslie Parsley as Kathryn Mostly  
Lorraine Splitter as Vera Tanner 
Margaret Pennington as Peggy Merrimount-Austin 
Mark Townsend as Tom Troothfield 
Robert Splitter as Raleigh Tanner 

Act Two - The Scottish Arts and Recreation Community Centre Drama Guild:
Directed and Stage Managed by Helen Faulk 
Catherine O'Reilly as Kathryn Mostly 
Donald MacIntyre as Tom Troothfield 
Elizabeth MacDonald as Vera Tanner 
Meaghan Stewart as Peggy Merrimount-Austin 
Philip Faulk as Raleigh Tanner 
Scott McGrimace as Curtis Portsman 
Wing Wong Lee as Matthew Austin 

Act Three - The Yugokrainian English as a Second Language Theatrical Company:
Directed by Toboboris Narlinshske 
Stage Managed by Nikkolaia Narlink 
Music by Toboboris Narlinshske 
Choreographed by C. Gregoriev 
Movement Coached by Oleg Rauditch 
Carmonn Sletvitzgh as Peggy Merrimont-Austin 
Contessinna Gregoriev as Vera Tanner 
Kretchinna Biddluskia as Kathryn Mostly 
Oleg Rauditch as Curtis Portsman 
Riggor Pratokin as Matthew Austin 
Toboboris Narlinshske as Tom Troothfield 

Epilogue - The Vote: 
Mrs. Helen Renfrew as Chair 
Gary Gussmuson as Accountant