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2007-2008 Season

Season Staff:

Nancy Accinelli, Executive Producer
John Beers, Associate Producer
Rosalind Corner, Production Manager
Alan Shields, Technical Director
Christopher Rodriguez, Assistant Technical Director
Arielle Branitsky, Director of Promotions and Events<
Gregory Hutchison, Technical Producer
Barbisan, Business Manager
Mike "
Nug" Nahrgang, Artistic Consultant 

The Farm Show

The Farm Show

Nov. 27 - Dec. 1, 2007
Fred Thury Studio Theatre, 258 Vanier College

The Farm Show was developed as a collective creation by Theatre Passe Muraille in the summer of 1972. As Paul Thompson, the director of this theatrical experiment, tells it: "The idea was to take a young group of actors out to a farming community and build a play of what we could see and learn. There is no 'story' or 'plot' as such. The form of the play is more like a Sunday school or Christmas concert, where one person does a recitation, another sings a song, a third acts out a skit, etc. Nonetheless, we hope that you can see many stories woven into the themes of this play and that out of it will emerge a picture of a complex and living community."

Book by Paul Thompson and Ted Johns

Directed by Theresa Noon
Stage Managed by Francesca Consiglio
Assistant Stage Managed by Bianka Cseko

Lighting Designed by David Goldstein
Costume Designed by Adrianne Carney
Assistant Costume Designed by Christie Del Monte
Props Mastered by Carly Deboni
Technical Directed by Alan Shields
Lighting Operated by Mark Rootenberg
Scenic Painting by Carol Saad<
Photography by Lea Kaplan and Mark Rootenberg
Poster Designed by Arielle Branitsky and Lea Kaplan
Assistant Promotions Managed by Nina Kagan

Music Composed and Performed by Tom Kerr

Anne-Marie Zawadzki as Jean Lobb/Cast
Jen Prole as Marian/Cast
Jenny Edwards as Daisie/Cast
Joel Pettigrew as Les Jervis/Cast
Johnny Briggs as Stephen Lobb/Cast
Josh Dolphin as Carmen Tibbut
Kelsi Dewhurst as Alison Lobb/Cast
Tony Nashed as Bruce Pallet/Cast

One Act Play Festival

One Act Play Festival

Mar. 12 - 15, 2008

Produced by Natalie Frijia 
Poster Designed by Arielle Branitsky 
Photography by Mark Rootenberg 

Written by Annette Bochenek 
Directed by Julie Bergevin 
Stage Managed by Ece Budak 
Assistant Stage Managed by Deanna Hussary
Accompanied by Danny Jordan
Set Designed by Johnny Briggs and Carly Deboni 
Lighting Designed by Josh McGill 
Costume Designed by Ada 
Aditya Ranganathan as Dr. Webbey/Prisoner #4 
Deanna Hussary as Tow Truck Driver 
Hendrik Bruyn as Prisoner #5
Jamie Ebbs as Howard
Jonathan Moneta as Doctor/Prisoner #3
Mark Rootenberg as Sheriff
Matthew Yipchuck as Prisoner #2
Ryan Iusi as Prisoner #1
Sian Lea as Claire
Tess Marie Garneau as Mavis Dunkin/Mrs. Sonyier
Tony Nashad as Eddie
V. Jogi as Nurse

Written and Assistant Directed by Ellen Ross Stuart 
Directed by Amanda Heaney 
Stage Managed by Laura Johnson
Anne-Marie Zawadzki as Candy 
Sian Lea as Chelsea 

The Prodigal Father 
Written by Edward Fenner 
Directed by Joel Pettigrew 
Assistant Directed by Lorne Mandelzya 
Stage Managed by Biana Cseko
Lighting Designed by Joe Vermeulen
Alina Cuglietta as Chorus 
Jennifer Prole as Honey 
Jessica Biggs as Chorus 
Kesia Cardoso as Chorus 
Korri Birch as Chorus 
Mallory Hunter as Chorus 
Robbie Woods as Jacob 

Waiting for the Go 
Written and Lighting/Sound Designed by Joe Vermeulen 
Directed by Robert K. Brown 
Stage Managed by Lindsay Branton
Christopher Rodriguez as Woden 
Hendrik Bruyn as Angel  
Jenny Edwards as Vicki 
Katie McCulloch as Mutt 

Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup

Fred Thury Studio Theatre, 258 Vanier College

Written collaboratively by the 2007-2008 Vanier Improv Company and Vanier Cabaret Troupe

Directed by Guy Doucette and Jeff Stevenson
Music Directed by Tom Kerr
Stage Managed by Francesca Consiglio
Assistant Stage Managed by Bianka Cseko

Lighting Operated by Christopher Rodriguez
Props Mastered by Carly Deboni<
Photography by Lea Kaplan
Poster Designed by Arielle Branitsky and Lea Kaplan

Admon Devi-Biller
​Ben Dooley
Bryan Floras
Candace Hill
Catherine Bernardi
Hendrik Bruyn
Jennifer Prole
Jenny Edwards
Joel Pettigrew
Johnny Briggs
Jonathan Shaboo
​Katie Melanson
Kelsi Dewhurst
Laura Alessandra Collu
Mark Rootenberg
Matthew Yipchuck
Miriam Shaw
Rebecca Carvalho
Renata Valz
Ryan Iusi
Tom Kerr
Tony Nashed
​Vanessa Gouveia

Vanier Improv Company (VIC)

Vanier Improv Company (VIC)

Dec. 3, 2007

Directed by Jeff Stevenson

Ben Dooley
Bryan Floras
Hendrik Bruyn
Laura Alessandra Coolu
Katie Melanson
Rebecca Carvalho
Vanessa Gouveia
​Yakov Sluchenkov