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Purchase Services from a Contractor

The appropriate purchasing channel will depend on the value of the purchase, the type of service provider and the availability of a PCard. Purchasing channels are designed to make it as easy as possible to purchase services while managing risk and meeting our legal and compliance requirements. For instructions on how to purchase services from a 'Contractor' at York, select the appropriate purchasing channel below.

Tip: Your service may be available in Sm@rtBuy with specially negotiated prices and terms.

Where possible, purchases from a Canadian Contractor should be made using a PCard. To increase your PCard limit complete and submit the Purchasing Card Change Request Form.

Where the Contractor does not accept credit card payment, your PCard limit is not sufficient, or the Contractor is not Canadian, services can be purchased and an invoice sent to York.

Purchases between $25k and $50k require a greater level of scrutiny to ensure that the University obtains fair market value. This requires obtaining three quotes.

Purchases over $50k are typically complex and need to follow a competitive bid process.

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