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Archived Projects

Toronto Migration Memory Collective (TMMC)

Founded in November 2015, the Toronto Migration Memory Collective (TMMC) at the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, York University sought to bring together scholars, archivists, artists, activists and other community members with an interest in producing and disseminating knowledge of Toronto's migrant communities and their pasts.

City Builders: An Oral History of Immigrant Construction Workers in Postwar Toronto

The City Builders project aimed to record, examine, and divulge the history of Toronto's immigrant construction workers after the Second World War.

Toronto Cultural Policy and Plans 1974-2008: Examining the Legacy The Mavor Moore Cultural Policy Symposium

The symposium, hosted by the MBA Program in Arts and Media Administration at the Schulich School of Business, the Robarts Centre, and the City of Toronto on Friday, October 24, 2008, was dedicated to Mavor Moore and to his legacy, looks back to a key period in the creation of cultural policy in Canada and forward to understand how that history has shaped and can shape our collective future.