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Canada Watch is now available on the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform. Please visit the site to have access to the Canada Watch archives (1992 until now).

Spring 2024
40th Anniversary Special Issue

Fall 2023
Rethinking, Reframing and Reimagining Madness

Spring 2023
(Re)Studying, (Re)Imagining, (Re)Presenting Canada through Hope and Fatigue

Fall 2022
Policy intervention special issue. Columnist: Dennis Pilon
Myths, Damn Myths, and Voting System Change: How Canadian Political Scientists Misrepresent Democratic Reform

Spring 2022
Revisiting Canada in Conversation: Crisis, Challenge, and Change

Summer 2021
Critical Perspectives on Mental Health/Mad Studies

Summer 2020
Supporting Indigenous Language Preservation and Revitalization in Canada

Winter 2019
Facing the future together: Exploring new pathways for Canada-India collaborations

Summer 2018  
Transgressing the nation-state: Constructs of Canadian identity

Spring 2017  
Canada: Homeland or Hostile Land?

Spring 2016  
Debating the Confederation Debates of 1865

Fall 2015 
The Politics of Evidence

Fall 2013
The 1763 Royal Proclamation in Historical Context

Winter 2012
India The Most Fragile Democracies: Defying the Odds

Spring 2011 
The Harper Governance Revolution: Taking Minority Government to its Limit

Fall 2010 
A Remarkable Turning Point: Post-neoliberal Latin America and the Shadow of Obama

Fall 2009  
Multiculturalism and its Discontents

Summer 2009  
Obama Goes to Washington

Summer 2008  
Deep Integration: North America Post-Bush

Fall 2007
Canadian Studies: A Future?

February 2004 (9.3-4)  
Double Issue
The Chr├ętien Era: A Red Book Audit

September 2002  
Special Double Issue
From Doha to Kananaskis: The Future of the World Trading System and the Crisis of Governance

July 2001  
Special Issue
The New Mexico Under Fox: Is it Happening?

November-December 2000  
Special double issue
Canada-US Relations in the New Millennium

September-October 2000  
The Supreme Court's 1999 Constitutional Cases

December 1999  
Special Issue
The 1999 Ontario Election Campaign

September-October 1999   Special Double Issue
The Supreme Court's 1998 Constitutional Cases

June 1999 
Budget Issue