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Research Clusters

The Robarts Centre is home to multiple research clusters covering a diverse range of topics that contribute to the field of Canadian studies.

Current research clusters include:

Black Canada

Black Canada provides a space for an integrated examination of the historical, cultural and various expressive productions of people of African descent in the Americas through the lens of Black Canada and four specific humanities and fine arts approaches: cultural studies, history, literature and music.


The Borealis Council provides leadership on scholarly Northern research and educational activities occurring within/at York University. The council focuses on “northern” regions, particularly those in the Canadian Arctic and Subarctic; to foster and facilitate northern scholarship and research through mentoring and supporting external research grant applications.

CIVIS: Urban Governance & Citizenship

Bringing together scholars and members of the community who are actively engaged in the consideration of urban governance in Canada.

Critical Perspectives on Mental Health (CPM)

CPM mobilizes and facilitates York research that critically examines mental health using social justice paradigms.

CYPIRN (Children and Young People Interdisciplinary Research Network)

We bring together scholars and members of the community who are actively engaged in research and scholarship with and pertaining to young people in Canada.

Environmental Research Group

Providing a forum for students and faculty at York University studying aspects of the Canadian environment from a broad range of disciplinary perspectives including sciences, social sciences, humanities, fine arts, health, and engineering.

History of Indigenous Peoples Network (HIPN)

The HIP Network, has a mandate to encourage and support the research of the histories of Indigenous peoples, primarily among graduate students and faculty members at York University and neighbouring institutions.

Le groupe de recherche sur le Canada francophone

Le groupe de recherche sur le Canada francophone, Canada francophile et les Études sur le Canada en français (Francophone Canada, Francophile Canada and the Study of Canada in French Research Group) Ce groupe de recherche mobilise et facilite la recherche sur le Canada francophone et francophile et les études sur le Canada en français d’une perspective pluridisciplinaire. Ce regroupement est pour les chercheurs et étudiants au deuxième et troisième cycle intéressés par ces sujets.

Mobilizing Inuit Circumpolar Heritage

Bringing together Inuit and non-Inuit researchers, artists and stakeholders, MICH currently supports research, creation, and curatorial activities related to sculpture, gaming, storytelling, music, craftwork, prints, performance, digital connectivity, archival work, database compilation, and audiovisual knowledge preservation.

Sustainable Energy Research Network (WISER)

WISER is a grassroots network of women academics in the field of clean, low–carbon, or sustainable energy research.