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Reflections on Research

The Reflections on Research series asks our associates to go beyond the specifics of their research findings, which are often published elsewhere, and to instead reflect on the scholarship process and the subjective factors that brought them to the work.

Issue 6: Regulating Platform Moderation of Hate Speech

An interview with Mandy Lau, PhD candidate in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at York University. She is a Graduate Associate at the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies and holds a SSHRC Canada Graduate - Doctoral Program award.

Issue 5: We Are All Treaty People. Understanding Why Indigenous People Signed Treaties

An interview with Emily Belmonte who was awarded the Odessa Prize for the Study of Canada for the best undergraduate paper in a fourth-year course for Understanding Treaty One: Subsistence and Survival 1871-1888.

Issue 4: Art & Research Around HIV/AIDS, Queer Art and Sex

An interview with Andrew Zealley (Environmental Studies) on his dissertation, Risky Beeswax: Artistic Responses to the Biopolitics of HIV/AIDS, awarded the Barbara Godard Prize for the Best York University Dissertation in Canadian Studies in the summer of 2021.

Issue 3: Children, Youth and the Performing Arts in a Pandemic

An interview with Professor Abigail Shabtay (Humanities) who is an Assistant Professor in the Children, Childhood, and Youth program. She is currently the Principal Investigator for three SSHRC-funded projects related to children, youth, and the performing arts.

Issue 2: Sexual Exploitation of Girl Children in the Entertainment Industry in Ontario and Quebec

An interview with Professor Clara Chapdelaine-Feliciati (International Studies, School of Public and International Affairs) who was recently awarded a SSHRC Insight Development Grant (2020-2022) for her legal and bilingual project 'Sexual Exploitation of Girl Children in the Entertainment Industry in Ontario and Quebec.’

Issue 1: Undergraduate Essay Prize Awardee Reflects on her “Graduate Student-Level Work”

In this issue Natalia Santilli talks about being awarded the Robarts Centre’s 2019-2020 Odessa Prize for the best undergraduate paper in a 4th-year course that advances our knowledge of Canada for her paper, “The Abject Horror of the Spanish Influenza in Canadian Theatre.”