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Black Canada

Black Canada provides a space for an integrated examination of the historical, cultural and various expressive productions of people of African descent in the Americas through the lens of Black Canada and four specific humanities and fine arts approaches: cultural studies, history, literature and music.

Directory of Cluster Members

Warren Crichlow, Assoc. Professor, Education/ Faculty Associate
Andrea Davis, Research Cluster lead, Assoc. Professor, Humanities/ Faculty Associate
Natasha Henry-Dixon, Assist. Professor, History/ Faculty Associate,
Johanne Jean-Pierre, Assist. Professor, Sociology/Faculty Associate,
Michele Johnson, Full Professor, History
Andrea Medovarski, Assist. Professor, Humanities/ Faculty Associate
Ola Mohammed, Assist. Professor, Humanities/ Faculty Associate
Leslie Sanders, University Professor, Humanities/Writing/ Faculty Associate
Christina Sharpe, Professor, Humanities

Visit the Department of Humanities for information on the Black Canadian Studies Certificate