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Faculty of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Graduate Studies
FGS Council

For information, members of Council may write to the Chair of Council, Asia Weiss, or the Secretary of Council, Associate Dean Gary Jarvis, or write or call the Assistant Secretary of Council, M. Michael Schiff [(416) 736-5481]. The Council office is located in the FGS suite within 283 York Lanes.

Minutes: May 11, 2006

Meeting of Council

Thursday, May 11, 2006
4:00 p.m.
N940 Ross Building (Senate Chamber)

Present: J. Breen, J. Campanelli (Student Affairs Officer), J. Carlson, J. Codd (Research & Policy Analyst), W. Cragg, S. Dieleman, L. Fabian, N.S. Fisher-Stitt (Associate Dean), F. Fletcher, J. Gambarotto-McKay (Academic Affairs Officer), I. Greene, C. Haig-Brown, R. Haigh, C.D. Hay, K. Heiber (Manager, Communications, Public Relations & Recruitment), D. Henriques, S. Horowitz, K. Hudak, W. Janczak, G. Jarvis (Associate Dean), B. Lightman, L. Lombardi, M. Martel, R.E. Pearlman (Interim Dean), M.M. Schiff (Assistant Secretary of Council), D. Shugarman, N. Tenhaaf, V. Tzerpos, A. Weiss (Chair), M. Young (Executive Officer)

Guest: A. Shubert, Associate Vice-President (International)

Regrets: S. Afriat, C. Archer, E. Batdorf, D. Brock, B. Crow, R. Drummond, S. Grace, A. Hudson, E. Igobwa, E. Lee-Ruff, H.I. Macondald, K. McRoberts, B. Pilkington, N. Razack, R. Schuller, S. Viswanathan,
W. Westfall, A. Wu, G. Wu

1. Welcome and Chair's Remarks

Chair Asia Weiss welcomed members of Council to the meeting.

2. Internationalization at York University
Guest: Associate Vice-President (International) Adrian Shubert

Associate Vice-President (International) Adrian Shubert spoke to Council about issues related to internationalization. York students should have international experience, he stated, and should be conversant in more than one language. York has in recent years added five languages to 14 that were previously taught, including Yiddish and four non-European languages. York has approved a new type of degree, the International B.Sc. An International B.A. will be considered by Senate at its May meeting. Associate Vice-President Shubert examined where York had links internationally, why they existed and where new links should be investigated. There are 3,200 international students at York, with 15% studying at the graduate level. International student support has increased significantly. Associate Vice-President Shubert spoke about the York International Internship Programme and other initiatives including courses for students returning from international experiences and a "global house" in the Pond Road residence for 50 international and domestic students.

Members of Council asked about ways to increase international experiences for graduate students and the recruitment of excellent international students. The provincial government is trying to increase enrolments of domestic students and therefore strategies are needed to increase international student enrolment. Councillors discussed these issues with Associate Vice-President Shubert and suggested looking at York's graduate programmes in comparison to similar strong international programmes.

Chair Asia Weiss thanked Associate Vice-President Shubert.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting (April 6, 2006)

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

4. Business Arising from the Minutes

There was no business arising from the minutes.

5. Dean's Remarks

i) Introduction

Interim Dean Ron Pearlman introduced the Faculty's newest staff member, Karen Heiber, Manager, Communications, Public Relations & Recruitment.

ii) Appraisals

Dean Pearlman informed Council that the new Graduate Programme in Theatre Studies has been approved by O.C.G.S. to commence. The Graduate Programmes in Business Administration, International Business Administration, Public Administration and Executive Business Administration have been found to be of good quality and approved to continue. The Ph.D. in Administration was found to be of good quality with a report expected in three years.

The Graduate Diplomas in Latin American & Caribbean Studies and German & European Studies have been found to be of good quality and approved to continue. The decision about the Graduate Diploma in International & Security Studies has been deferred for one year with a revised brief due in March 2007.

iii) Growth

The Dean reported that at the end of April the Ministry of Education/Training, Colleges and Universities made the long-awaited announcement about funding for growth. New funds will be divided according to a formula, with 70% being distributed depending on the size of graduate institutions within the existing framework, and 30% being available depending on proposals by institutions. There will be an emphasis on holding institutions to their plans making it essential to meet aggressive Master's and doctoral growth targets.

iv) Canadian Federation for the Social Sciences & Humanities Congress 2006

Dean Pearlman reminded councillors about the imminent Congress at York. Alumni Affairs and the Faculty of Graduate Studies will provide a York presence at registration in Vari Hall. Graduate programmes are being asked how they wish to be represented at the registration booth. The Dean also reminded councillors that no classes or labs or any instructional activity will take place during Congress.

v) Convocation

Dean Pearlman noted that the Faculty takes part in all convocation ceremonies, as graduate students now convocate with other Faculties. Faculty members who supervise may wish to hood their graduating doctoral students.

vi) Honorifics

The Dean reported that Professors Eshrat Arjomandi and Varpu Lindstrom have been named University Professors.

He also noted that the Faculty has selected Professors Deborah Britzman, Eric Hessels and Alan Hutchinson to receive the honorific Distinguished Research Professorships at the June and Fall convocation ceremonies.

6. Report of the Nominating Committee

Associate Dean and Secretary of Council Gary Jarvis presented the slate of nominees to Council, noting that additional nominations would be received up to May 23, 2006. He called for nominations from the floor of Council; there were none.

7. New Fields, New Degree and Change of Graduate Programme Name
Approved at the April 26, 2006, FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee meeting

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

Graduate Programme in Computer Science (Master of Applied Science)

Change in Name of Programme from Computer Science to Computer Science & Engineering
New fields in Computer Systems Engineering and Interactive Systems Engineering

Professor Vassilios Tzerpos, councillor for the Graduate Programme in Computer Science, spoke on behalf of the Graduate Programme Director, who was unable to attend. Professor Tzerpos noted that this proposal reflects and expands on the strengths of the graduate programme, and provides the opportunity for students to expand in these fields. Dean Pearlman reported that the proposal has been carefully reviewed both in the Faculty of Science & Engineering and by the FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee. After a brief discussion, it was moved, seconded and CARRIED, unanimously,

"that the new fields, new degree and change of graduate programme name proposed by the Graduate Programme in Computer Science (Faculty of Graduate Studies) be APPROVED."

8. Changes in Degree Requirements
Approved at the April 13, 2006, meeting of FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee's Academic Affairs Subcommittee and the April 26, 2006, FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee meeting

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

Graduate Programme in Law

New Part-Time LL.M. Specialising in Family Law

Richard Haigh, Director of Osgoode's Professional Development Programme, noted that there are 10,000 lawyers in Canada whose specializations include family law. The proposal follows the format of other Law specializations. He also noted that none of the graduate courses to be offered are available at the LL.B. level. It was moved, seconded and CARRIED, unanimously,

"that the new part-time LL.M. Specialising in Family Law (Faculty of Graduate Studies) be APPROVED."

Part-Time LL.M. Specialising in Health Law
Change in Degree Requirements

Change in LL.M. requirements from coursework and major research paper to either major research paper plus 30 course credits or 36 course credits (no major research paper)

Professor Haigh told councillors that this proposal follows others that provide for a course-only option for part-time LL.M. degrees. There is a lengthy required research paper. It was moved, seconded and CARRIED, unanimously,

"that the changes to the part-time LL.M. Specialising in Health Law (Faculty of Graduate Studies) be APPROVED."

9. Changes in Graduate Programme Appointment and Reappointment Procedures and Criteria
Approved at the April 26, 2006, FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee meeting

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

Graduate Programme in Theatre Studies

This new programme was approved recently but the proposal did not include criteria and procedures for appointment and reappointment. It was moved, seconded and CARRIED, unanimously,

"that the proposed appointment and reappointment criteria and procedures for the Graduate Programme in Theatre Studies (Faculty of Graduate Studies) be APPROVED."

10. Changes in Admission Requirements

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

Graduate Programme in Translation
Change from minimum "B+" to "B"

After a brief discussion of the Faculty's minimum admission requirements, it was moved, seconded and CARRIED, unanimously,

"that the changes to admissions requirements proposed by the Graduate Programme in Translation (Faculty of Graduate Studies) be APPROVED."

11. Senate Synopsis

* * * F o r I n f o r m a t i o n * * *

Summary of Senate meeting of March 23, 2006

The Senate synopsis was received for information.

12. Curricular Changes
Approved at the April 13, 2006, meeting of FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee's Academic Affairs Subcommittee and received for information at the April 26, 2006, FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee meeting

Members of Council were invited to view these documents in the FGS Council office. The items were received for information.

* * * F o r I n f o r m a t i o n * * *

a) Graduate Programme in Biology

New, Integrated Course Proposal
Biology 5070 3.0: "Tropical Ornithology"

b) Graduate Programme in Business Administration

New Course Proposals
Financial Engineering 6820 3.0: "Advanced Derivative Securities"
Management 6500 3.0: "Sustainable Value Creation"
Strategic Management 6720 3.0: "The Emergence of Global Management"

Changes in Course Description
Management 6100 3.0: "Strategy Field Study"

Deletion of Prerequisites
Health Management from 6160 3.0: "Invention and Investment in Life Sciences"/Prerequisites: Completion of all 5000-series required Foundations of Management courses, Health Management 6110 3.0 or 6120 3.0 or permission of the director/Corequisite: Strategic Management 6000 3.0
Health Management 6170 3.0: "Commercialization in Pharma and Biotech"/Prerequisites: Completion of all 5000-series required Foundations of Management courses, Health Management 6110 3.0 or 6120 3.0 or permission of the director/Corequisite: Strategic Management 6000 3.0

c) Graduate Programme in Communication & Culture

Special Topics Course
Communication & Culture 6309 3.0: "Special Topics in Politics and Policy: Words as Weapons: Political Vocabulary, Mass Media, and the Evolution of Political Consciousness"

New Course Proposals
Communication & Culture 6128 3.0: "Writing the Self, Reading the Life"
Communication & Culture 6324 3.0: "Alternative and Community Media"
Communication & Culture 6515 3.0: "Photographic Vision, Photographic Practice: An Inquiry"

Change in Course Number [course number correction]
Communication & Culture from 6322 to 6323 3.0: "Global Cultural Flows and Permeable Borders: Ideoscapes, Mediascapes and Citizenship after 9/11"

d) Graduate Programme in Computer Science

New Course Proposals
Computer Science 6351 3.0: "Dynamic Systems"
Computer Science 6352 3.0: "Digital Signal Processing"
Computer Science 6353 3.0: "Digital Image and Video Processing"
Computer Science 6400 6.0: "Computer Engineering Research Project"

e) Graduate Programme in Economics

New, Integrated Course Proposal
Economics 5459 3.0: "Health Economics"/Integrated with the undergraduate course Arts Economics 4259 3.0

New Course Proposals
Economics 5620 3.0: "Empirical Labour Economics"/Prerequisite: Economics 5600 3.0: "Labour Economics"
Economics 5650 3.0: "Economics of Regulation and Antitrust"/Prerequisite: Economics 5430 3.0: "Industrial Organization"

f) Graduate Programme in Education

New Course Proposal
Education 5409 3.0: "Ontario Post-Secondary Education Policy 1985 to the Present"

g) Graduate Programme in English

New Course Proposals
English 6142 3.0: "The Canterbury Tales"
English 6311 3.0: "The Tradition of Pastoral in Literature, Theory, Film: From Edenic Myth to Lacanian Imaginary"
English 6523 3.0: "Rhetoric of Science"
English 6583 3.0: "Dispersals Now: African Fiction from ‘Abroad'"
English 6616 3.0: "Black Song: Introduction to African American Poetry"
English 6714 3.0: "Considering Black Canada"
English 6801 3.0: "Studies in Canadian Literature: Critical Theory"

h) Graduate Programme in Études françaises

New Course Proposal
Études françaises 5235 3.0: "Dialogues des cultures en littérature québécoise"
Études françaises 5236 3.0: "Mythe et littérature"

i) Graduate Programme in History

Change in Course Weighting
History 5950 from 6.0 to 3.0: "Themes in Latin America"

j) Graduate Programme in Humanities

Humanities 6106 3.0: "Early Greece: The Dark Age to the Persian Wars"/Same as History 5032 3.0
Humanities 6123 3.0: "Greek Politics Under Roman Rule"/Same as History 5030 3.0

k) Graduate Programme in Law

New Course Proposals
Law 6858P 3.0: "Health Facilities"
Law 6859P 3.0: "Law of Drugs and Devices"

Divide Course into Two Separate Courses, Change Course Title and Weighting
from Law 6866P 6.0: "Intellectual Property and Information Technology in Health Law"
to Law 6857P 3.0: "Intellectual Property in Health Law"
and Law 6856P 3.0: "Information Technology and Privacy in Health Law"

Part-Time LL.M. Specialising in Family Law
New Course Proposals
Law 6121 6.0: "Family Law: Themes, Theories, Controversies and Context"
Law 6122 3.0: "Economic Issues: Child and Spousal Support"
Law 6123 3.0: "Economic Issues: Property, Pensions and Possession of the Home"
Law 6124 3.0: "Family Law Practice Skills"
Law 6125 6.0: "Care of Children"
Law 6126 3.0: "International Family Law Issues"
Law 6127 6.0: "Non-Adversarial Resolution to Family Law Disputes"

Part-Time LL.M. Specialising in Labour & Employment Law
New Course Proposals and Changes in Course Number and Weighting
Law 6804P 6.0: "Work and Disability"
Law from 6790A 4.5 to 6701P 6.0: from "Theoretical Perspectives on Labour and Employment Law" to "Perspectives on Labour and Employment Law: from Theory to Practice" [originally proposed as a change to 6790P 6.0]
Law from 6791A to 6791P 4.5: from "Human Rights in Labour Law" to "The Charter and Human Rights in Labour Law"
Law from 6793 3.0 to 6022P 4.5: from "Industrial Conflict" to "Industrial Conflict: Common Law and Labour Board Remedies" [originally proposed as a change to 6793P 3.0]
Law from 6797 3.0 from 6797P 4.5: "The Individual Employment Relationship"

Change in Course Title and Number
Law from 6790B to 6021P 4.5: from "Labour and the Challenge of a New Economy" to "Labour and Employment Law in the New Economy"

l) Graduate Programme in Nursing

New Course Proposal
Nursing 5210 3.0: "Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Praxis with Marginalized Persons: A Human Science Perspective"

m) Graduate Programme in Philosophy

New, Integrated Course Proposal
Philosophy 5050 3.0: "Pragmatism"/Integrated with the undergraduate course Arts Philosophy 4400 3.0

n) Graduate Programme in Political Science

Change to Integrated Course Number
Political Science 5605 3.0: "Ethical Politics"/Same as Public Administration 5605 3.0/Integrated with the undergraduate course Arts Political Science from 4605 3.0 to 4106 3.0

o) Graduate Programme in Psychology

New Course Proposals [regularization of special topics courses]
Psychology from 6750B to 6225 3.0: "Computational Modelling of Visual Perception"/Same as Computer Science 6390D 3.0
Psychology from 6750D to 6170 3.0: "Cross Cultural Psychology"
Psychology from 6750E to 6935 3.0: "Children and Trauma"
Psychology from 6750G to 6175 3.0: "Social Psychology of Intergroup Relations"/Prerequisites: undergraduate course in Social Psychology and very good understanding of research methods and statistics, preferably at the graduate level
Psychology from 6750J to 6465 3.0: "Stress, Coping and Health"
Psychology from 6750K to 6171 3.0: "Interpersonal Relationships"
Psychology from 6750L to 6475 3.0: "Grounded Theory Methodology"
Psychology from 6750P to 6265 3.0: "Perception and Action"/Same as Biology 5136 3.0 and Kinesiology & Health Science 6161 3.0
Psychology from 6750Q to 6174 3.0: "Organizational Psychology"
Psychology from 6750R to 6945 3.0: "Applied Pediatric Neuropsychology"
Psychology from 6750S to 6275 3.0: "Environmental Influences on the Development of Brain and Behaviour"
Psychology from 6750X to 6315 3.0: "Principles of Human Perception and Performance in Human-Computer Interactions"/Same as Computer Science 6326 3.0

New, Crosslisted Course Proposals
Psychology 6276 3.0: "Vision Health and Visual Disability"/Same as Kinesiology & Health Science 6145 3.0
Psychology 6277 3.0: "Shaping Action: The Role of Sensory Information in Motor Learning"/Same as Kinesiology & Health Science 6152 3.0

New Course Proposals
Psychology 6172 3.0: "Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination"
Psychology 6173 3.0: "Personality Processes and the Social Self"
Psychology 6274 3.0: "Laboratory Methods of Perceptual Psychology"

p) Graduate Programme in Social Work

New Course Proposal
Social Work 5905 3.0: "Spirituality and Critical Social Work"

q) Graduate Programme in Sociology

Sociology 6896 3.0: "Gender and International Human Rights: Law, Citizenship and Borders"/Same as Political Science 6705 3.0 and Women's Studies 6133 3.0

r) Graduate Programme in Translation

Changes in Course Descriptions
Translation 5100 3.0: "Translation Studies"
Translation 5130 3.0: "History of Translation and Cultural Transfer"
Translation 5140 3.0: "Translation, Literature and Post-Colonialism"

s) Graduate Programme in Women's Studies

Women's Studies 6129 3.0: "Victorian Sexualities"/Same as English 6424 3.0
Women's Studies 6134 6.0: "Canadian, British and American Women's Drama in English: 1880-1920"/Same as English 6556 3.0

13. Other Business

There was no other business.

14. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.