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Faculty of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Graduate Studies
FGS Council

For information, members of Council may write to the Chair of Council, Asia Weiss, or the Secretary of Council, Associate Dean Gary Jarvis, or write or call the Assistant Secretary of Council, M. Michael Schiff [(416) 736-5481]. The Council office is located in the FGS suite within 283 York Lanes.

Minutes: November 3, 2005

Meeting of Council

Thursday, November 3, 2005
4:00 p.m.
N940 Ross Building (Senate Chamber)

Present: S. Afriat, L. Baker, E. Batdorf, K. Bischoping, D. Brock, J. Campanelli (Student Affairs Officer), J. Carlson, C. Carpenko, J. Codd (Research & Policy Analyst), W. Crichlow, K. Dahlquist, J. Dwyer, L. Fabian, F. Fletcher, C. Fung, J. Gambarotto-McKay (Academic Affairs Officer), C. Gerritsen, C. Haig-Brown, F. Hajihosseini, C.D. Hay, D. Henriques, S. Horowitz, K. Hudak, M. Jebrail, C. Kurucz, V. Lindstrom, K. Little, L. Lombardi, M. Martel, S. Miranda, E. Morera, G. Norcliffe, L. Packer, R.E. Pearlman (Interim Dean), F.B. Pilkington, B. Roe, A. Rogalski, D. Scadding, R. Schuller, J. Shore, M.M. Schiff (Assistant Secretary of Council), B. Spotton Visano, K. Simpson, L. Stewart, N. Tenhaaf, V. Tzerpos, W. van Wijngaarden, M. Vicente, S. Viswanathan, A. Weiss (Chair), H.Q. Wen, E. White, T. Winslow, Y. Wu, D. Yon, M. Zryd

Regrets: C. Archer, P. Aulakh, D. Bohme, R. Bowman, J. Breen, D. Callison, B. Crow, R. Drummond, J. Edmondson, N.S. Fisher-Stitt, I. Greene, E. Igobwa, G. Jarvis, S. Kachooie, E. Lee-Ruff, B. Lightman, H.I. Macdonald, K. McRoberts, D. Mendelsohn, B. Rahder, N. Razack, K. Stanworth, G. Wu

1. Welcome and Chair's Remarks

In her first meeting as Chair, Asia Weiss welcomed members of Council to the meeting. She extended a special welcome to Interim Dean Ron Pearlman, who has started a two-year commitment to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. She also welcomed new Associate Dean Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt, and Vice-Chair Ed Lee-Ruff.

The Chair noted that the meeting scheduled for September 29th had been cancelled as a result of insufficient business. While this meeting's agenda was not onerous, Professor Weiss noted that in the next several years there will be many important items for the Faculty to consider, including issues of accountability and the successful completion of studies.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting (June 2, 2005)

The minutes were approved.

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

Report of items considered by FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee Summer 2005,
for information

The report was received for information. The Chair reviewed the major items approved by the FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee subsequent to the delegation of summer authority by Council in June.

There was no other business arising from the minutes.

4. Dean's Remarks

i) New and Returning Chair, Deans and Directors

Interim Dean Ron Pearlman addressed Council for the first time in this position. Having served five years until 2004 as Associate Dean, Dean Pearlman is very familiar with graduate education at York. He welcomed Asia Weiss as Chair, Ed Lee-Ruff as Vice-Chair, and new Associate Dean Norma Sue-Fisher-Stitt, whose terms were also beginning in this session, and Associate Dean Gary Jarvis. Associate Deans Jarvis and Fisher-Stitt were not able to attend this meeting, since they were attending a special reception for scholarship students and the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies' meetings, respectively, representing the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Dean Pearlman also introduced and expressed his appreciation to new Graduate Programme Directors: Preet Alauk and Christine Oliver, Administration (Ph.D.); David Scadding, Design; Françoise Mougeon, Études françaises; Michael Zryd, Film & Video; Bernie Lightman, Humanities; Bernard Wolf, International Business Administration; Esteve Morera, Philosophy; Narda Razack, Social Work; Erica Batdorf, Theatre; Daniel Simeoni, Translation; and Meg Luxton, Women's Studies.

ii) New Programmes

The Dean reported that new programmes under consideration by the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies were expected to be approved at the OCGS meeting on the day following Council and would be announced at the next meeting of Council.

iii) CUPE 3903

Dean Pearlman thanked members of both negotiating teams for their efforts in reaching a tentative settlement in the early hours of the day of this meeting. A ratification vote was scheduled.

iv) New Directions and Challenges

Dean Pearlman expanded on issues raised in his letter to councillors sent earlier in the term. The Faculty will continue in its efforts to further integrate graduate studies into research culture at York. The Faculty is already working closely with the Vice-President (Research & Innovation) on these issues. The Dean stressed that most research at York includes contributions from graduate students.

Dean Pearlman noted that graduate student recruitment is being closely examined. A committee has been working on related issues and is close to providing its report to the Vice-President (Academic). The Faculty is also working toward earlier completion of degrees and higher success in completion rates.

The Dean stressed that the quality of graduate education will not be compromised by any of the upcoming changes.

The Dean reiterated that it is not yet known how increased funds for graduate education in Ontario will be distributed among three known areas: faculty complement, student support and infrastructure. The way that funding will be allocated has not yet been announced. The Dean reviewed conditions for growth and growth potential, with the expansion of current programmes and the commencement of others. He noted that York's regional demographic would be well served by this expansion. Dean Pearlman also noted that when agreeing to serve as Interim Dean he was fully aware of these challenges.

The Dean noted that the search for a full-term Dean would begin in late Spring or early Fall 2006, for a term to commence July 2007.

Dean Pearlman stated that the implementation of the Faculty's self-study recommendations continues, with some already in place. Graduate input on faculty appointments, for example, is now part of a required consultation process that includes Faculty of Graduate Studies priorities, and expands on the previous system which required that new faculty appointments be immediately or imminently able to be appointed to FGS. Dean Pearlman noted that there is a responsive and reasonable effort to include graduate priorities in hiring decisions.

Also, it was noted, a new policy arising from the self-study requires doctoral students to have supervision in place earlier than previously required. This change was also implemented in advance of expected provincial accountability measures. The Dean also reported that the new graduate reading room in the Scott Library, funded from many sources including FGS and the Vice-President (Academic), was now open, a beautiful facility created after consultation with students. Associate Dean Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt will liaise with the library on behalf of the Faculty.

v) Enrolment

Dean Pearlman reported that enrolment meetings were underway. At these meeting, he consults with Deans of resource Faculties, Graduate Programme Directors and Chairs, in order to plan graduate enrolment.

Dean Pearlman stated that Vice-President (Academic) Sheila Embleton had already committed to increasing the faculty complement and has authorized the creation of 19 new appointments based on and related to graduate growth.


In reply to a question related to the allocation of resources for growth between new and existing programmes, the Dean replied that growth will occur where it is academically viable and where issues of quality are positively addressed. Councillors also asked about supervision of additional graduate students. The Dean agreed that there would be challenges in this regard. Most of the FGS budget, the Dean remarked, would continue to be allocated to graduate student support. Dean Pearlman noted, in reply to another question, that although the self-study recommended growth at the doctoral level, it was not to be achieved by reductions at the Master's level. He encouraged proposals to come forward, including those for both Master's and doctoral level and both academic and professional programmes, in reply to a question about potential health-related programme proposals. Dean Pearlman also replied to a question about international students: recent funding proposals are directed at domestic students, while the University stresses internationalization as one of its goals. In reply, the Dean noted that this issue was raised at the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities' Graduate Growth Working Group by Vice-President (Academic) Embleton, and that the University is working on this issue as well.

5. University Academic Plan: Academic Priorities 2005-2010

Chair Asia Weiss asked Council for its comments on the University Academic Plan, circulated with the agenda package. Dean Pearlman noted that there is an ongoing discussion with Senate about graduate-related matters. Councillors were invited to forward comments to the Dean or the Chair.

6. Proposed Faculty of Health
For discussion

Chair Asia Weiss invited commentary on the Faculty of Health proposal as circulated with the meeting's agenda package for discussion. She noted that discussion fora for faculty members, support staff and students were being organized, with the times and locations of these meetings included among the information distributed to councillors, and she encouraged councillors to express themselves and gain information about the proposals. Chair Asia Weiss reported that the FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee had discussed possible changes in Faculty affiliation of some graduate programmes. Dean Pearlman noted that members of Council could also send comments to him, which he would forward on their behalf to the project team; he is also a member of the team.

7. Senate Synopses
Summaries of Senate meetings of May 27, June 24, September 23 and October 27, 2005

The Senate synopses were received for information.

8. Other Business

There was no other business.

9. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 5:25 p.m.