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Graduate Studies


Graduate students must maintain continuous registration in all terms —Fall, Winter and Summer— until graduation or withdrawal from the University subject to the time limits stated in the Faculty of Graduate Studies academic regulations, and must pay the appropriate term fee.

Ensure that you register and accept your fees before the posted deadline; late registration will result in a $200 late fee. Visit the York Registrar's Office website to register. You will need to sign into your passport york account to complete your registration. Select the session you would like to register for and follow the instructions.

Note: The Faculty of Graduate Studies does not require an enrolment deposit. By accepting your fees in the online York Registration and Enrolment System, you are deemed to be registered.

Academic Term Registration & Enrolment  Access Registration Deadline
Summer May 1 – Aug. 31 March 4, 2014 April 29, 2014
Fall September 1 – Dec. 31 June 3, 2014 September 3, 2014
Winter January 1 – April 30 June 3, 2014 December 16, 2014

Registration Status

Students are expected to remain in the category of registration to which they are admitted unless a change of status is approved by the Graduate Program Director and the Faculty of Graduate Studies. A change of status (i.e. leave of absence, change to part-time, extension of time) for a term must be made prior to the start of term.

Change of Status

To request a change in status, you must complete an Academic Petition Form or a Program Approval Form and return it to your Graduate Program Office. Please note any change in registration status will affect your funding; before initiating your request, consult with your graduate program and review the FGS academic regulations.

  • Complete an Academic Petition for the following:

    • authorization to pursue graduate studies at a location other than York
    • change of registration status
    • extension of program time limits
    • leaves of absence
    • no course available petition
    • reinstatement
    • reinstatement to defend
    • waive a program requirement
    • other

  • Complete a Program Approval Form for:

    • an elective leave of absence
    • maternity leave
    • parental leave

Note: The fee to be registered as inactive is $169.49 plus $15.00 registration fee. This includes maternal/paternal leave, elective leave, external leave, and leave on compassionate or medical grounds.

Withdraw from Program of Study

In order to withdraw from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, students must submit a letter to their graduate program office. The effective date of withdrawal is the date the letter is received.  Note: Withdrawing from a course or dropping a course does not constitute official withdrawal from the program; graduate students pay fees per term, not per course.


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