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African Studies

Since its inception in 1974, the African Studies Program has been an interdisciplinary program providing students with the opportunity to combine their interest in Africa with a proficiency in a given discipline. The purpose of this Program is to enable students interested in Africa to pursue this interest through a series of courses offering a variety of approaches to the area in a number of different disciplines.

The Program is aimed at students primarily concerned with mastering a specific discipline who would like to apply their knowledge to Africa. The Program seeks to draw together the many members of the York community with an interest in Africa , and to provide them with a scholarly, cultural and progressive political forum.

During the academic year, the Program sponsors a variety of public events. Students are encouraged to participate in these events, and to interact with Africanists who teach in the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Faculty of Environmental Studies and in the Faculty of Fine Arts.




Social Science and Communications Studies Students win awards

(Source - YFile - December 11, 2014)

Professor Pablo Idahosa (back) presented the African studies awards to Jessica Kim, Heather Kirchze and Nayo Sasaki-Picou (left to right)

The coordinator of the African Studies Program, Professor Pablo Idahosa, awarded the Esiri Dafiewhare Scholarship to Heather Dirckze and the two Stevenson Scholarships in African Studies to Nayo Sasaki-Picou and Jessica Kim.








Effective Fall 2014