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Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan Clodman

Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan Clodman

Jonathan Clodman (BEd ‘19, MEd ‘20) is an educator and one of the four innovators behind Vaccine Hunters Canada. He holds three degrees from York, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Honours Psychology, a Bachelor of Education, and a Master of Education (MEd). Since stepping back from his role at Vaccine Hunters Canada, Jonathan has been concentrating on his position as an elementary school teacher. 

Jonathan Clodman Headshot

What year did you graduate and what program(s) were you in? 
I graduated from York’s Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Honours Psychology and Bachelor of Education (BEd) concurrently in 2019. I graduated with a Master of Education (MEd) in 2020. 

How did the Bachelor of Education, and eventually the Master of Education program, prepare you for your career? 

When it comes down to it, all my programs have prepared me for my career. I can thank the Faculty of Education for preparing me with a responsive student-centred pedagogy and for teaching me the importance of knowing, honouring, and connecting with students before anything else. Both education programs also helped me develop a more critical understanding of the role of the teacher--calling on me to be thoughtful about the practices I continue in my classroom and to consider the power, privilege, and historical contexts involved in choices that affect my students. 

What extracurricular activities were you involved with during your time in the Faculty of Education and how did this help you become a better educator? 

I was fortunate to have served on a variety of Faculty Councils and governance committees in roles like Student Senator and  President of the Faculty of Education Students’ Association, which offers opportunities for current students to serve as representatives of the University. I was also a part of the Student Health Ambassadors (SHAY) at York. 

All of my extracurricular activities offered opportunities to help others and showed me how people use what they have and where they are in their lives to make a difference for others. Now as an educator, I focus on how I can show up and make a difference for my students. 

What did you learn during your time with ‘Vaccine Hunters Canada’ (VHC) that will help you in your teaching career?

My experience at VHC taught me the importance of volunteer work and of being selfless in order to help others. I always tell my students to try to get involved in the community in any way that they can as it is a good way to make connections and to make meaningful change that has a lasting impact.

Vaccine Hunters Canada is a community of volunteers whose mission is to help Canadians navigate the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, understand the complexities of vaccine eligibility, and connect eligible Canadians with appointment opportunities. 

What’s next for you, personally or professionally? 

I’ve only just started teaching. I’m certainly looking forward to more opportunities to build communities and connect with students.