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Experiential Education - Placements

As we plan for a safe return to campus this fall, please be advised of the following changes/updates to some of our Program Office services. Learn More

Our undergraduate and graduate programs provide students with the opportunity to learn experientially through placement experiences. Placements may include various types of work-focused experiential education.

School Placements

Students in the Bachelor of Education (BEd) and Bachelor of Education (BEd), Technological Education participate in school placements, which include working with small groups and/or individual students, facilitating classroom activities, co-planning and co-teaching with the mentor teacher, and engaging in lesson study. Visit the Mentoring & Teaching Resource Room (MTRR) for details.

Community Placements

Community placements provide students with the opportunity to learn and engage with a variety of communities and organizations. Students in the Bachelor of Education (BEd), Bachelor of Education (BEd), Technological Education, Bachelor of Arts (BA), Educational Studies and in the Graduate Program in Education have the opportunity to learn and engage by participating in community placements.

YEAR ONE Bachelor of Education (BEd) and Ryerson Cohort (BEd) – EDPR1000 and Community Practicum
Year ONE BEd students are no longer required to submit preferences for Community Practicum.
ALL YEAR ONE BEd students will participate in a Community Independent Study Unit for EDPR1000 during the 2021-22 Academic Year.
More information about the Community Independent Study Unit will be provided during the first EDPR1000 Class in August 2021.

Bachelor of Arts, Educational Studies (ED/EDST 3999)
Students enrolled in EDST 3999 (Section A and Section B) can search Community Practicum options and submit placement preferences mid-August. Please continue to check for updated information on specific dates for submitting preferences in the monthly newsletter. More information will be forthcoming in August 2021.