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Graduate students in our Development Studies program receive prestigious scholarships and awards

Graduate students in our Development Studies program receive prestigious scholarships and awards

The Graduate Program in Development Studies (DVST) celebrates its students who have been awarded a number of esteemed scholarships and awards. The recipients since 2018 are highlighted below. These talented DVST students undertake interdisciplinary research centred around processes of socio-economic, political and cultural development in the Global South. The significance of their work is recognized by many prestigious award committees that help fund their research.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

OGS is a merit–based scholarship available to students in all disciplines of academic study who pursue graduate education in Ontario on a full-time basis. The scholarship consist of a maximum of $15,000 over three terms ($5000 per term).

Previous recipients: Anifat Ibrahim, Reenas Mohamed, Julia Black, Paula Schulzke, Riaz Khan, Najiba Khaliqi, Nicolas Viens, Dawit Demoz, Maham Aqil, Emily Kutchaw, Travis Moore, Laura Perez Gonzalez.

Canada Graduate Scholarship—Master’s (CGS-M)

CGS-M (SSHRC) supports high-calibre students whose research engages with programs in social sciences and humanities. This support allows scholars to fully focus on their studies, to seek out the best research mentors in their chosen fields and to contribute to the Canadian research ecosystem. The value of the award is $17,500 for one year.

Previous recipients: Najiba Khaliq, Riaz Khan, Naureen Lakhani, Solomiya Sharun, Mahim Aqil, Keiron Cobban, Emily Kutchaw, Sandra McKay, Cody Samuels, Nicholas Storr, Helen Claire Andrus, Travis Moore, Laura Perez Gonzalez, Nicolas Viens, Kaitlyn Williams, Katherine Cheng, John Howes, Yumiko Kiuchi, Florence Lux–Côtė, Cosmina, Silvia Nistor, Ayan Osman, Nicole Vassiliou, Maaike Zeeman.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau Fellowship

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship Program supports students pursuing research in social sciences and humanities, focusing on one or more of the Foundation’s themes: (1) human rights and dignity; (2) responsible citizenship; (3) Canada in the world; and (4) people and their natural environment.

Previous recipients: Nabila Rahman, Helen Claire Andrus, Gabeyre Ahmed, Abinaya Gnanasekar, Travis Moore, Rubina Nanji.

The Paavo and Aino Lukkari Human Rights Fellowship and The Paavo and Aino Lukkari Fieldwork Award

This award is presented annually to York graduate students whose research focuses on human rights and social justice issues impacting Indigenous communities or people of African descent in Latin America and the Caribbean. Multiple awards of varying amounts are granted annually, with a maximum of $10,000 for one project.

Previous recipients: Melissa Coward, Keiron Cobban, Sandra McKay, Natalie Uribe-Pabon.

Penelope Jane Glasser

This scholarship assists York students returning to university from a work or family career who are pursuing a graduate degree in interdisciplinary fields. Preference is given to those whose research focus on women's studies. The scholarship consists of up to 3 awards of about $6,000 each.

Previous recipient: Maham Aqil.

Fonds de Recherche du Quebec Science et Culture (FRQSC)

FRQSC provides financial support, which allows scholars to contribute to the development of society, in fields as varied as school retention, new media, cybersecurity and circular economy.

Previous recipient: Nicolas Viens.

Vivienne Poy Asian Research Award

This award supports the fieldwork and research expenses of graduate associates of the York Centre for Asian Research (YCAR). The criteria for selection include the importance of fieldwork for the graduate student’s program, the academic merit of the research proposal, fit with YCAR’s research mandate and active participation in YCAR.

Previous recipient: Abinaya Gnanasekar.

YCAR Language Award

The YCAR Language Award is presented to York graduate students who provide a demonstrated need to learn a specific Asian language related to their area of research. The value of each award is dependent on various factors, such as the number of applicants and the proposed budget in the application. For instance, successful applicants can receive up to $2,000 to reimburse costs directly related to language study.

Previous recipient: Abinaya Gnanasekar.

The Development Studies Program and York University commends these high-calibre students who are producing cutting-edge work!