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Aurora is the one-stop shop of career-related information for Graduate Students and Postdocs

Aurora is the one-stop shop of career-related information for Graduate Students and Postdocs

The Faculty of Graduate Studies at York University presents access to Aurora, an innovative e-learning platform by Beyond the Professoriate designed for graduate students and postdocs. York’s future alumni can put their apprehensions about the job market to rest by taking advantage of this unique online resource to help navigate career options after graduation. The e-learning platform aids in outlining the skills graduates have acquired throughout their studies and provides strategies for applying and securing non-academic employment.

The platform was designed and built by PhDs—the Beyond the Professoriate team, who recognize the difficulties and worries of transitioning from full-time studies to the workforce. As a professional development tool, Aurora lets students and postdocs explore their postgraduate options and learn job search strategies to obtain a rewarding career in a variety of different areas. All of the contributors who deliver workshops and participate in career panels and interviews have successfully completed their PhD and are experts in the fields of Arts, Social Sciences, STEM, Business and Education.

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Aurora delivers well-crafted resources designed to be conveniently accessible 24/7 for busy graduate students such as interactive workbooks and webinars. Its curated videos feature interviews with more than 170 PhDs discussing how they made the transition from academia to the workplace, plus advice from employers on how to sell your skills on the job market. This one-of-a-kind video library lets users explore what it is like working in a number of sectors: academia, government, higher education administration, industry and non-profits.

The on-demand, self-paced learning modules allow PhDs and postdocs to build a strong foundation that will lead to successful employment. There are 2 programs of study to help students learn successful job search strategies including: 1) the Professional Careers Pathway program and 2) the Academic Careers Pathway program. Users can access the modules in any order and earn a completion certificate after fulfilling 7 core modules. Topics covered include networking, time management, negotiating job offers, publishing and applying for grants and fellowships. The platform helps graduates identify the skill sets they have acquired throughout their studies that are valuable outside of academia and provide the appropriate terminology that can turn a CV into an outstanding resume. All of these resources, which are developed based on rigorous research, help its users make informed decisions about the job market that can lead to fulfilling careers.

If you’re curious about the skills you’ve acquired throughout your studies, potential non-academic careers or strategies for applying and securing non-academic employment, Aurora is an invaluable resource. Start exploring the changing career landscape and become confident in your skills gained through your education by accessing the e-learning platform through our FGS website: York is dedicated to keep supporting graduate student career skill development, so that its graduates can feel confident about career transitions out of academia.

Have questions, contact the Office of the Dean at FGSNEWS@YORKU.CA.