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Change Status

Change of Status Request

To request a change in status, you must complete an Academic Petition Form or a Program Approval Form and return it to your Graduate Program Office. Please note any change in registration status will affect your funding; before initiating your request, consult with your graduate program and review Current Students—Regulations.

Academic Petition

Please complete an Academic Petition for the following:

  • Authorization to pursue graduate studies at a location other than York
  • Change of registration status
  • Extension of program time limits
  • Leaves of absence
  • No course available petition
  • Reinstatement
  • Reinstatement to defend
  • Waive a program requirement
  • Other


Please complete a Program Withdrawal Form to withdraw from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and submit it to your graduate program office.

Note: Withdrawing from a course or dropping a course does not constitute official withdrawal from the program; graduate students pay fees per term, not per course.