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Graduate Student & Visiting Programs

York University provides current and visiting students with multiple avenues to explore academic opportunities. Through partnership agreements with institutions worldwide, students can take courses for credit towards degrees-in-process or to enhance existing degrees/qualifications.

York Students

Graduate students at York University, with the permission of their graduate program director, may apply to enroll in a graduate course at another institution in Ontario (Ontario Visiting Graduate Students Program) or across Canada (Canadian University Graduate Transfer Agreement).

  • The student must be pursuing a graduate degree program at York University, in good standing having completed at least one term, and enrolled as a full-time student for the terms concerned;
  • The course requested must satisfy a mandatory degree requirement; and
  • The course requirement must not be possible to satisfy at York University (e.g., it is not available or it cannot be offered in a timely fashion at York University).

Deadlines: Ontario Visiting Graduate Student application forms must be submitted to FGS no later than 20 business days before the start date of the term in which the applicant wishes to take an OVGS course. This timeline guarantees timely and accurate processing of the application. There are no exceptions to this timeline.

CUGTA Request forms must be submitted to the student’s HOME institution Graduate Program Director no later than 8 weeks prior to the term during which they wish to attend the HOST university. The student must ensure the HOST institution receives the Request Form at least one month prior to the start of the term. This timeline guarantees timely and accurate processing of the application. There are no exceptions to this timeline. Students must send confirmation of registration and notice of any changes to the HOME institution at the time of registration/changes.

To apply for an OVGS at another institution, complete the OVGS application form and submit it to FGS via the Outgoing OVGS submission form.

To apply for a CUGTA at another institution in Canada and outside of Ontario, complete the CUGTA form.

Visiting Students

With the permission of the graduate program director of the York program concerned and the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies, applicants who meet the following criteria may be admitted to the status of Visiting Students (Faculty of Graduate Studies):

  • Enrolled in programs leading to the award of a Master’s or doctoral degree by universities other than York, and who wish to and are authorized to enrol in one or more graduate courses at York University and/or to conduct research under the supervision of a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  • Otherwise qualified for admission as candidates for York Master’s or doctoral degrees, but who wish to enrol in one or more graduate courses without credit towards a York degree.

Visiting Students are registered in part-time status and are not enrolled in a graduate diploma or degree program at York University. Visiting Students may enrol in and complete up to 12 credits in coursework at York University.

Visiting Students whose admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and enrolment in a graduate diploma or degree program is subsequently recommended by a graduate program director may petition for courses successfully completed as a Visiting Student to be accepted for credit toward the graduate diploma or degree program. Courses completed as a Visiting Student may count for up to 50% of the coursework requirements for the York graduate diploma or degree program, provided they have not already been credited towards another degree, diploma, certificate, or any other qualification. Petitions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and credit is not automatically applied.

Once the HOME institution's OVGS application form and process have been completed, submit to FGS via the Incoming OVGS submission form.

Graduate Student Risk Assessment

The Graduate Student Risk Assessment Guidelines of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) serve to assist graduate students in identifying appropriate health and safety considerations and preventative efforts prior to departing for field activities. In concert with the Graduate Student Risk Assessment Form, Undertaking, Release and Checklist, graduate students should review these guidelines with their faculty supervisor. Assessing risk is a critical step in determining necessary hazard controls and other mitigation required for specific research activities.

Please visit Graduate Student Risk Assessment for more information including applicable forms.