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Visiting Graduate Students

York welcomes many visiting and exchange graduate students each year through various agreements with partner institutions worldwide.

Every year, more than 5,000 visiting students come to York University to take credit courses. Visiting students aren't necessarily seeking a degree or certificate from York, but they are looking to enhance their degrees-in-progress or their existing degrees/qualifications.

With the permission of the graduate program director concerned and the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies, applicants who meet the following criteria may be admitted to the status of Visiting Students (Faculty of Graduate Studies):

  • Enrolled in programs leading to the award of a master’s or Doctoral degree by universities other than York, and who wish to and are authorized to enrol in one or more graduate courses at York University and/or to conduct research under the supervision of a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  • Otherwise qualified for admission as candidates for York master’s or Doctoral degrees, but who wish to enrol in one or more graduate courses without credit towards a York degree.

The Visiting Student category is reserved for students who are registered in part-time status but who are not enrolled in a graduate diploma or degree programs at York University. Visiting Students may enrol in and complete up to 12 credits in coursework at York University.

Visiting Students whose admission to the Faculty and enrolment in a graduate diploma or degree program is subsequently recommended by a graduate program director may petition for courses successfully completed as a Visiting Student to be accepted for credit toward the graduate diploma or degree program. Courses completed as a Visiting Student may count for up to 50% of the coursework requirements for the York graduate diploma or degree program, provided that they have not already been credited towards another degree, diploma, certificate, or any other qualification. It should be noted that petitions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and that credit is not automatically applied.

Interested students must complete an Ontario Visiting Graduate Student (OVGS) Application available at their home university and submit it to their home graduate office for approval.

York University values and promotes collaborative research and the international exchange of ideas. In this spirit, Visiting International Graduate Student Scholars (IVGSS) are a welcome addition to York’s community.

Scholars within this category choose to come to York for a variety of reasons: Some wish to work with a particular professor or program without the desire or need to obtain a York degree, while others may be required to gain international academic and/or research experience to fulfill degree requirements at their home institution.

Please visit York International—International Visiting Graduate Student Scholars (IVGSS) for more information.

Exchange Opportunities

Exchange students at York have the opportunity to experience a world-class city at one of Canada’s foremost research institutions. York welcomes you to our university community as a part of our 5000-strong international student population.

Please visit York International—Incoming Exchange Students for more information.