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Appreciation for Guest Speakers & Community Partners

Instructors in the Faculty of Health may request among three symbolic appreciation options for guest speakers and community partners who support experiential education activities (including ones that take place remotely/virtually).

  • Free Parking (promo code)
  • Retail eGift Card ($25.00)


You may request an appreciation gift if all four of the following criteria apply to you:

  • You are a Faculty of Health instructor inviting a guest speaker or community partner to speak in your class in person or remotely.
  • The guest speaker or community partner is supporting experiential learning in your course (e.g. sharing a presentation, case study, challenge, project idea).
  • You will engage students in reflection activities to help them achieve the learning outcomes related to this activity
  • You have not received honorarium funding through a Fund for Innovations in Teaching (FIT) or Academic Innovation Fund (AIF) for the same guest.* (Applies to the eGift Card only).

Request Process

Step 1- Complete and submit the following online request form at least one week in advance of your guest’s engagement in your course.*

Step 2- You will receive an e-mail with the items and further instructions from the EE Coordinators within one week of your request.

*eGift cards and promo codes for free parking come in limited quantities and will be provided on an as-requested basis. There is a limit of five eGift cards and/or parking passes per course section.

About the Free Parking

Free parking comes in the form of a promo code. A limited number of promo codes for free parking are available.

  • When your request is approved, you will receive an e-mail with the promo code and further instructions.
  • Guests will need to download the mobile app, Honk, from their device’s app store and enter the code.
  • Promo codes are issued for one of these garages: Arboretum (#80), Student Services (#84) and York Lanes (#72), all of which include accessibility parking. View interactive Map or PDF Map of York University Keele Campus.

About the eGift Cards

A limited number of eGift Cards valued at $25.00 are available.

  • You will be able to select from a list of available retailers
  • When approved, you will receive an e-mail with the eGift Card that you can forward it to the guest
  • eGift cards are mutually exclusive with the honorarium mechanisms offered through the Fund for Innovation in Teaching (FIT) and the Academic Innovation Fund (AIF). If you have been awarded a FIT or AIF for honorarium-related expenses, you are not eligible to apply for this appreciation mechanism and vice-versa.

About the Thank You Letters

  • You will have the option to request an electronic or physical copy of the letter
  • The EE Coordinator will drop off the physical letter at the location you specify on the request form

If you are not able to submit the request one week in advance, and for all other questions please contact the Faculty of Health Experiential Education Coordinators at

Faculty of Health Experiential Education website: examples of Experiential Education activities, helpful tips and resources.

Experiential Education Common-Language: more information about each type of Experiential Education activities.:

Reflection in Experiential Education: resources and information related to reflection.

Teaching Commons: resources for writing and assessing learning outcomes and reflection activities, and incorporating Experiential Education into your courses. A selection of the available resources:

It is important to submit the request well in advance of your guest’s visit to allow for adequate processing time. The EE coordinators must request the parking passes and eGift Cards from the corresponding offices with their own processing times.

If you submit a request more than one month in advance of your guest's visit, please note that it will not be processed until closer to the date of your guest's visit. This helps avoid unused items that may result from cancellations.

Please contact the EE Coordinators at

If the visit is cancelled, please notify the EE coordinator. Parking Promo Codes and eGift Cards are non-refundable, so the EE Coordinator will use the unused items to fulfill other requests.

If the guest's visit is rescheduled:

  • You can issue them the eGift Card on the new date
  • The Parking Pass (promo code) can also be used on the new date, as long it is by April 30th

The promo code you receive can only be used for the designated garage. Please notify your guest where they should park in advance of their visit.

Accessible parking spots are available at all three parking garages. If your guest has a Ministry of Transportation issued plaque indicating they need an accessible spot, they can simply park in the designated spot and display their plaque. If your guest requires accessible parking but does not have a plaque, please indicate this on the form.

This information helps us to understand how guest's participation in your course will engage students in experiential education. The form asks you to briefly describe how the guest's participation in your course will help students to achieve course learning outcomes and how students will reflect on that experience. If you have already outlined this information in your syllabus, you can simply copy and paste it or include a link to your syllabus with reference points (e.g. learning outcome 1 & 2 or p.3).

You may still be eligible to request appreciation options for your guest. You can select the “other” option, and outline the EE activity. Alternatively, you may contact the EE coordinator ( to determine if the activity is eligible.