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AP/EN 4099 6.0 Honours Thesis/Work Placement

AP/EN 4099 6.0 Honours Thesis/Work Placement

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AP/EN 4099 6.00

Honours Thesis/Work Placement

Provides an opportunity for sustained research under the direction of a member of the department on topics not covered in the English curriculum. The research may take the form of either a thesis or a work placement.
Open only to Honours English students who have passed at least 84 credits, with the permission of the director of undergraduate studies in English.
Note: Please consult the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies' Academic Advising and Student Responsibility section of the calendar for regulations on independent reading courses and work placement.
Registration: It is regarded as tentative until a thesis proposal or work placement proposal  is submitted and approved in September. Students should have in mind an alternative course in case their September essay proposal should not be approved.