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Our Research

Our faculty members are among the leading voices in their fields. Their ground-breaking research and creative works have taken many forms, including novels, works of literary criticism, edited anthologies, public lectures, documentary films, and poems. True to the spirit of interdisciplinary, creative, and politically engaged inquiry that has long been central to York University’s mission, these publications have earned plaudits from audiences around the world. Learn more about some of our recent publications by browsing the book covers below.

Featured Publication

Collage of maps with black title: "Heterotopic World Fiction: Thinking beyond Biopolitics with Woolf, Foucault, Ondaatje"

Heterotopic World Fiction: Thinking Beyond Biopolitics with Woolf, Foucault, Ondaatje

Lesley Higgins and Marie-Christine Leps

After more than a century of genocides and in the midst of a global pandemic, this book focuses on the critique of biopolitics (the government of life through individuals and the general population) and the counterdevelopment of biopoetics (an aesthetics of life elaborating a self as a practice of freedom) realized in texts by Virginia Woolf, Michel Foucault, and Michael Ondaatje. Their world fiction produces transhistorical, transnational experiences offered to the reader for collective responsibility in these critical times. Their books function as heterotopias: spaces and processes that recall and confront regimes of recognized truths to dismantle fixed identities and actualize possibilities for becoming other. Higgins and Leps define and explore a slant, biopoetic perspective that is feminist, materialist, anti-racist, and anti-war.

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Book cover of Ladders Made of Water

B.W. Powe

You’ll find included in this collection a selection of public presentations and thoughts on our spiritual and ecological crises, including ...

Collage of maps with black title:

Lesley Higgins, Marie-Christine Leps

After more than a century of genocides and in the midst of a global pandemic, this book focuses on the ...

Bookcover with rainbow background and black text reads: The LGBTQ+ Comics Studies Reader

Jonathan Warren, Alison Halsall

New book attends to global scope of LGBTQ+ comics criticism. York University Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) ...

Book cover of 'The Politics of Vibration' by Marcus Boon

Marcus Boon

In The Politics of Vibration Marcus Boon explores music as a material practice of vibration. Focusing on the work of three contemporary ...

A stack of books with tile: Reading Mennonite Writing

Robert Zacharias

Mennonite literature has long been viewed as an expression of community identity. However, scholars in Mennonite literary studies have urged ...

Gothic Mash-Up book cover

Natalie Neill

Gothic Mash-Ups explores the role of intertextuality in Gothic storytelling through the analysis of texts from diverse periods and media. Drawing ...

The Turn of the Screw book cover

Jonathan Warren

“This admirable new and expanded Norton Critical Edition, with its judiciously selected and expertly curated secondary materials, both historical and ...

The Routledge Introduction to Canadian Fantastic Literature book cover

Allan Weiss

This study introduces the history, themes, and critical responses to Canadian fantastic literature. Taking a chronological approach, this volume covers ...

The Mini-Cycle book cover

Allan Weiss

While scholars have been studying the short story cycle for some time now, this book discusses a form that has ...

Black and white photo of human skull

Brett Zimmerman

Locating Poe firmly within his Zeitgeist vis-à-vis the science and pseudoscience of the early nineteenth century, Edgar Allan Poe as ...

Tina Young Choi

Contingency is not just a feature of modern politics, finance, and culture—by thinking contingently, nineteenth-century Britons rewrote familiar narratives and ...

Lily Cho

Under the terms of the Chinese Immigration Act of 1885, Canada implemented a vast protocol for acquiring detailed personal information ...

the genealogical sublime book cover

Julia Creet

Since the early 2000s, genealogy has become a lucrative business, an accelerating online industry, a massive data mining project, and ...

transcultural migration in the novels of hedi bouraoui book cover

Elizabeth Sabiston

In Transcultural Migration in the Novels of Hédi Bouraoui: A New Ulysses, Elizabeth Sabiston analyses the dominant theme of transcultural migration, ...

the charge in the global membrane book cover

B.W. Powe

A new book by York University Professor B.W. Powe explores the radical transformation of consciousness and sensibility through the advent ...

Black and white photo of a human skiull

Brett Zimmerman

Edgar Allan Poe: Amateur Psychologist is the "first and foremost" major source of information dedicated to the theme of Poe ...