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AP/EN 4411 3.0 Derek Walcott

AP/EN 4411 3.0 Derek Walcott

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AP/EN 4411 3.00

Derek Walcott

The course considers Derek Walcott's development as a poet and dramatist. It analyses Walcott's main themes, forms and techniques, and attempts to assess his success in incorporating diverse cultural and technical influences into a distinctive West Indian style.
Course credit exclusions: None.

PRIOR TO FALL 2009:  Course credit exclusions: AS/EN 4230D 3.00 (prior to Fall/Winter 2003-2004), AS/EN 4231 3.00. PRIOR TO FALL 2009: AP/EN 4411 3.00 (Derek Walcott) was AS/EN 4231 3.00 (Studies in Post-Colonial Literature: Derek Walcott)