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Dawit Gulta

Dawit Gulta

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Dawit Gulta

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IT - Systems Analysis Stream

Masters Student York University

Dawit Gulta, a seasoned IT Support Analyst from Ethiopia, faced significant challenges in securing employment in Canada due to language barriers and cultural differences. His French-speaking background and lack of familiarity with the Canadian job market posed obstacles in finding a position that aligned with his skills and experience.

"I joined the IEP Certificate program for two main reasons," Dawit explains. "Firstly, with my previous experience, finding employment was proving to be quite challenging. Secondly, I discovered the tremendous growth and opportunities in the field of Big Data after I relocated to Canada."

Before enrolling in the IEP program, Dawit struggled to navigate the complexities of the Canadian job market. Despite his qualifications, he found it challenging to secure interviews and compete effectively with local candidates. Recognizing the need to enhance his skills and adapt to the Canadian work culture, Dawit sought additional training and education through the IEP program.

"The Certificate Program was instrumental in improving my language and communication skills, providing valuable insights into Canadian communication norms and culture," Dawit reflects. "The program not only helped me overcome language barriers but also guided me in understanding what effective communication entails in Canada."

Through the IEP program, Dawit gained access to specialized training and support that bridged the gap between his previous experience and the requirements of the local job market. The program equipped him with practical knowledge, networking opportunities, and insights into industry trends, preparing him for success in his professional endeavors.

"The Certificate Program provided insights into the Canadian labour market, enhancing my understanding of industry trends and employer expectations," Dawit explains. "It equipped me with job search strategies, including resume writing and interview preparation, to effectively compete in the job market."

“It also prepared me to succeed by enhancing my understanding of industry trends and employer expectations”.

Now in the York University Masters in IT program, he noted,  “I achieved a significant milestone during the program by receiving the Dean's Award for Research Excellence (DARE), which not only affirmed my dedication but also opened doors for the further development of my research skills”.  He explained, “this recognition led to my acceptance to continue graduate studies, validating my academic capabilities, and allowing me to pursue advanced education in my field of interest.. and motivate me for future academic and professional endeavors”.

Reflecting on his journey, Dawit emphasizes the importance of perseverance and continuous learning. "Advice I would give to another newcomer looking for employment in Canada is to avoid defining themselves solely by the challenges they face or their past experiences," he advises. "It's important to maintain a positive mindset and stay focused on pursuing their dreams and goals."

In summarizing his experience, Dawit offers a personal quote: "IEP not only opened my eyes to the abundance of opportunities but also breathed life into my dreams." This sentiment encapsulates the transformative impact of education and professional development in realizing one's aspirations in a new environment.