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Ahmad Amini Asl

Ahmad Amini Asl

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Ahmad Amini Asl

Foundation Student

Executive Assistant to the Co-Managing Director
Refugees SEAT

Ahmad Amini Asl embarked on his journey with the Internationally Educated Professionals (IEP) program in August 2023 with a clear goal in mind, “I joined the IEP program to bridge the gap between my international education and the Canadian job market".   He explains that: “The IEP program was the perfect opportunity to not only enhance my knowledge but also to immerse myself in the nuances of Canadian workplace culture and business etiquette. This holistic approach has been instrumental in aligning my international expertise with the expectations of employers here in Canada.”

The Foundations Program was pivotal in enriching his understanding of Canadian life. The program offered a comprehensive understanding of Canadian life and was tailored to newcomers like himself, describing his experience he stated: “The faculty demonstrated exceptional skill in customizing the curriculum to cater to those of us new to the Canadian ethos. They adeptly wove the fabric of Canadian culture, trends, and perspectives into our learning experience, making it both relatable and revelatory. This nuanced exposure went beyond mere academic learning, offering a vibrant tableau of what it means to live, work, and thrive in Canada. It was an enlightening journey that transformed unfamiliarity into a well-spring of local knowledge.”

Language and communication skills are paramount in the professional world, and the Foundations Program also played a crucial role in honing Ahmad's proficiency in English. "My proficiency in English was significantly sharpened by the Foundations Program." Through courses like Professional Communication in in the Canadian Context Ahmad explained: “It honed my ability to communicate with brevity and clarity”, and that it was “… fundamental in refining my communication to be impactful, ensuring that my ideas are conveyed with precision and authority”.

Networking is fundamental to professional advancement, and the Foundations Program emphasized its importance from the outset. "Right from the outset, the Foundations Program placed a strong emphasis on network-building - a cornerstone of professional advancement." Through hands on activities Ahmad forged meaningful connections with industry insiders and peers, enriching his professional network and fostering lifelong friendships across various fields of expertise.

The program's approach provided Ahmad with a practical understanding of the Canadian labor market. "The Foundations Program was meticulously designed to provide us with a practical and comprehensive understanding of the Canadian labor market." Ahmad gained insights into local employment trends, equipping him with the knowledge to tailor his skills and approach to meet the demands of employers in Canada. “The curriculum delved into the unique aspects of local employment trends, equipping us with the knowledge to navigate the nuances distinct from our home country”, he explained.

Throughout his journey in the program, Ahmad set strategic goals and found support and motivation in routine meetings. "Throughout my journey in the program, I set strategic goals which were regularly revisited and refined during our routine meetings." This collaborative approach fostered a shared pathway to success, where individual achievements contributed to a collective triumph.

Ahmad's advice to newcomers underscores the transformative potential of the Bridging Program at York University. "Embarking on the Bridging Program at York University is a decision that stands out as a highlight in my Canadian journey." He encourages newcomers to take the leap, finding the program to be a game-changer as a Newcomer, he suggested: “If you're contemplating a move that could shape your professional future, I cannot recommend this program enough. It's a comprehensive package that will bolster your industry-specific knowledge, enhance your communication skills, expand your professional circle, and ultimately, elevate your career prospects. Take the leap; it's a game-changer for any newcomer.”

In Ahmad's own words, "Continual learning and the pursuit of knowledge have always been the compass that guides my journey." The IEP program equipped him with insights and instilled in him the ability to translate knowledge into action, becoming his professional mantra.

Ahmad's journey epitomizes the transformative power of education, networking, and perseverance in navigating the challenges of a new environment and achieving professional success.