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Polina Bodrova

Polina Bodrova

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Polina Bodrova

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Foundation Program

Bookkeeper and Database Coordinator
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Polina Bodrova's decision to join the Internationally Educated Professionals (IEP) program stemmed from a desire for a seamless integration into the Canadian workforce. As she reflects, "The IEP program's reputation for providing tailored assistance to newcomers aligns with my aspirations for a smooth and successful integration into the Canadian workforce." Recognizing the challenges and barriers she faced in finding employment, Polina noted that the program “ played a crucial role in overcoming the challenges and barriers I faced during my job search”.

The Foundations Program provided Polina with invaluable opportunities to broaden her perspective on Canadian life through workshops, seminars, and networking events. "The workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities facilitated by the program have been instrumental in broadening my perspective and fostering a deeper understanding of the Canadian way of life."

Moreover, the program played a crucial role in enhancing Polina's language and communication skills. Through immersive language courses and interactive discussions, she gained confidence and fluency. "The Foundations Program played a crucial role in enhancing my language and communication skills through immersive language course ADMS 3015 Professional Communication in the Canadian Context, interactive discussions on Saturday's classes, and practical exercises."

The inclusive and collaborative environment fostered by the program enabled Polina to forge meaningful connections. "Furthermore, the program's commitment to inclusivity and diversity has created a supportive environment where participants can share their experiences and learn from one another." These connections not only enriched her understanding of Canadian society but also provided a network of individuals for continued exchange of insights and advice.

Polina highlights the course on Canadian business law and ethics as particularly beneficial for preparing for the Canadian labor market. "I would like to draw attention to the course ADMS 3060 Fundamentals of Canadian Business Law & Ethics, which I completed as part of the Foundations Program."

 Through engagement with mentors and industry professionals during the program Polina also gained practical knowledge essential for success in the Canadian workplace. Setting her sights on securing meaningful employment in her field, Polina's experience in the program exceeded expectations. "One of my primary goals upon entering the Foundations Program was to secure meaningful employment in my field. Through the program's comprehensive support, I not only achieved this goal but also gained a deeper understanding of the Canadian work environment."

Her advice to fellow newcomers underscores the importance of active participation and openness to learning. "My advice to fellow newcomers is to fully engage with the Foundations Program. Actively participate in workshops, networking events, and mentorship opportunities. Be open to learning and adapting to the Canadian workplace culture."

In Polina's own words, "Joining the Foundation Program was a transformative experience that not only opened doors to professional opportunities but also provided me with a supportive network, where I had the privilege of making new friends who share similar aspirations and with whom I can continue to exchange insights and advice. The program's comprehensive approach empowered me to navigate challenges with confidence, turning aspirations into achievements."

Polina's journey exemplifies the transformative power of education and community support in navigating the challenges of settling into a new country and achieving professional success.