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Isnalvis Perez

Isnalvis Perez

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Isnalvis Perez

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Foundation Program

Isnalvis Perez embarked on her Canadian journey with the recognition that while Canada welcomes immigrants with open arms, the transition can present challenges. As she reflects, "Canada is a country that embraces immigration with good energy and an open heart, but the transition can be difficult for any newcomer." She explained, “I have to thank this program for knowing that I am not alone in this new and difficult environment..” and ” ..having the opportunity to study at a University in Canada”. Seeking support in navigating this transition, Isnalvis turned to the Internationally Educated Professionals (IEP) Foundations Program, recognizing its unique role in integrating professional immigrants into the cultural and workplace context.

The Foundations Program proved to be a cornerstone in Isnalvis's journey, providing her with invaluable resources and support. "The Foundations Program allows me to have, first of all, an excellent team of professionals in the IEP department ready to help me." From specialized lectures to Saturday support classes, the program equipped Isnalvis with the information and skills necessary to embark on a successful job search and integrate into Canadian work life.

Central to Isnalvis's success was the program's focus on enhancing language and communication skills. "The Foundations Program impressively helped me improve my language and communication skills." Through tailored support classes and engaging course readings, Isnalvis found the perfect environment to hone her language proficiency and strengthen her communication abilities, explaining “the Saturday support classes give me the perfect support to eliminate doubts or gaps in grammar, sentence structure, and pronunciation”.

Moreover, the Foundations Program served as a hub for building connections and networks. "The Foundations Program was the perfect place to meet other professionals in the same position I am in." Through various events and interactions, Isnalvis not only found camaraderie with peers but also tapped into a wealth of experience and knowledge shared by others who had navigated similar paths. 

As Isnalvis prepared for the Canadian labor market, the Foundations Program provided her with essential knowledge and skills. "The Foundations Program in the course readings give me the essential preparation to be ready for the Canadian Labour Market." With supportive professors and comprehensive resources at her disposal, Isnalvis felt confident and prepared to take on the challenges of the job market.

Reflecting on her experience, Isnalvis celebrates the achievements and growth she has experienced. "The first good result that I appreciate after finishing the Foundations Program is having the opportunity to study at a university in Canada." She values not only the academic opportunities but also the personal and professional growth fostered through her interactions with peers and mentors.

Isnalvis's advice to fellow newcomers underscores the importance of patience, empathy, and resilience. "My only advice to immigrants is to prepare yourself with patience and empathy and to know that there is always a person or an institution willing to help you." She encourages others to persevere and remain optimistic, recognizing that every challenge is an opportunity for growth.

In Isnalvis's own words, "Embarking on the Foundation program has been a transformative journey of learning and growth. Each interaction has enriched knowledge, creating a foundation that goes beyond information; it is a bridge between curiosity and understanding, a testament to the power of fair education in the right moment."

Isnalvis's journey exemplifies the resilience, determination, and optimism required to succeed in a new environment, serving as an inspiration to newcomers embarking on their own Canadian journey.