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Hanna Biletska

Hanna Biletska

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Hanna Biletska

Foundation Program

After arriving in Canada from the Ukraine Hanna Biletska's journey with the IEP Foundation program began as she grappled with the challenges of securing employment in Canada without local experience. She recounts, "The barrier to finding a job in my specialty was that I did not have Canadian experience in this field. I decided to look for training that would help me get as close as possible to the Canadian labor market." Determined to bridge this gap, she sought out training to align herself more closely with the Canadian labor market.

"I decided to look for training that would help me get as close as possible to the Canadian labor market," Hanna recalls, reflecting on her decision to join the program. Her expectations were met as she delved into the curriculum and engaged with fellow participants who shared her aspirations. "The courses met my expectations. I was able to meet people with whom I have the same views in life. New acquaintances helped me get quick answers to my questions. I began to have a greater understanding of the labor market because during my studies I had the opportunity to practice Business skills that I now already use today and confidently apply them in my work," she said while noting the practical relevance of her studies. She also highlighted how she is able to apply what she is learning in her working life, “the subjects of law and accounting helped me to be more competent when concluding small agreements… I have become more confident…and am navigating the local accounting system.”

"For me, as a newcomer it is very important to improve my English level”, and Hanna gained the opportunity in the Foundation program to do this by actively attending online courses in Canadian Business Communication as well as language support through Jumpstart to Success and Saturday Language classes.

In addition to honing her language skills through dedicated English language training, Hanna found avenues to apply her newfound knowledge directly to her work. “This program is not only about education. At least 3-4 days a week you can participate in a variety of trainings, where a person can practice English at a business level," she noted, highlighting the program's comprehensive approach to student support. "The IEP office team makes responsible efforts to understand and support the student, their working formula is very impressive. Understand, help, and be happy to meet.

During her time in the program, Hanna seized many opportunities to expand her network, volunteer and deepen her understanding of Canadian workplace dynamics. She made sure to leverage opportunities and connect with the “large numbers of IEP Alumni who are willing to volunteer to continue to support such a powerful program". 

Reflecting on her growth throughout the program, Hanna emphasized the importance of perseverance and preparation in navigating the Canadian job market.  “My advice is that what you are striving for will always find you, but by this time you must be ready to take it”.  "Opportunities usually come at the most unusual times," and so she advises fellow newcomers, urging them to remain vigilant and adaptable in their pursuit of employment.  As Hanna looks ahead to the future, she is grateful for the foundation laid by the program, confident in her ability to leverage her experiences and skills to achieve success in her professional endeavors in Canada.