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Maryam (Masha) Tarhini

Maryam (Masha) Tarhini

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Maryam (Masha) Tarhini

Foundation Program

Program Administrator
triOS College Business Technology Healthcare

Maryam Tarhini joined the IEP Bridging Foundation program “to try it during a period of unemployment, frustrated by constant rejection emails, to see how things would unfold”.

She found that the Foundations Program played a pivotal role in expanding her understanding of life in Canada. "The courses I took were the best guides since arriving in Canada, like a live 3D manual. I learned effective communication, both professionally and at work, and I am applying these skills in my current job”.

The Foundations Program contributed significantly to enhancing Maryam’s language and communication abilities. “The Foundation Program restored my confidence and equipped me with new communication skills and vocabulary in just a few months. I never thought I'd gain this ability, but the dedication of the professors to teach and the support from the IEP staff made it happen”.

Additionally, when asked how the program aids in establishing new connections and expanding both her personal and professional networks, she says “Oh! This is a whole new level of WOW! York University and the IEP courses, along with the staff, have guided me in leveraging my sociable personality for effective networking. In just a year, I've connected with numerous professionals, both virtually and in person, surpassing any expectations. The suggested events have turned me into an event enthusiast, and I love meeting new people!

As an IEP student, Maryam was able to gain knowledge or skills to help her prepare for the Canadian Labour Market. Through the Foundation program, she was able to gain "a comprehensive understanding of Canadian workplace dynamics, enhanced communication skills, and practical insights, which significantly contributed to my readiness for the Canadian labor market.”

Maryam believes that the program simply brought her one step closer to her goals. As a Newcomer to Canada herself, she advises future IEPs “You've taken the most daring and significant step to be here. Don't give up. Great things take time. Be patient, commit to your goals, and strive for what you truly deserve. Never settle for less”.

Furthermore, reflecting on her experience in the Foundations Program, she offers a personal quote; “Success is inevitable for everyone, but having the right people around you will empower you to break through walls of achievement.”