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Neha Aggarwal

Neha Aggarwal

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Neha Aggarwal

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Foundation Program

Data Analyst

Neha Aggarwal joined the IEP Foundation program when she was facing challenges in securing interviews for the position of Data Analyst. After “recognizing the need to enhance my understanding of the Canadian work culture and to augment my prospects in the job market, I made the strategic decision to enroll in the Internationally Educated Professionals (IEP) program at York University”.

Through the program’s comprehensive curriculum and hands-on learning, she gained insights into the Canadian work culture, societal norms, and professional expectations. The program’s “supportive community and networking opportunities further enriched my understanding, helping me navigate both professional and personal aspects of life in Canada more effectively”.

The Professional Communication in Canadian Context course offered in the program significantly improved her language and communication skills. Which is “guided by a skilled instructor, the course focused on workplace communication nuances, and personalized feedback aided in aligning my communication with Canadian professional standards”. The Saturday drop-in language classes further provided her valuable support, addressing specific challenges and enhancing Neha’s confidence in professional interactions.

Throughout the program, the proactive efforts of the IEP staff helped Neha to connect with successful alumni, fostering mentorship connections and providing valuable insights into the Canadian professional landscape. “Participation in networking seminars, tech summits, and career fairs facilitated exposure to industry professionals and peers with similar aspirations, contributed substantially to my personal and professional growth during the program”. Additionally, “the program's collaboration with IEP alumni and guidance from staff provided valuable insights, ensuring I was well-equipped for a successful transition into the Canadian workforce”.

Neha’s learning experience in the Foundation Program, not only transformed her career aspirations into tangible achievements, but she was also able to realize her dream of securing a Data Analyst internship within just one month of enrollment. “This remarkable opportunity materialized through a seminar organized by the IEP team, creating a sense that my career path had seamlessly aligned”. The “uniqueness of this journey was the full funding provided by the university for the foundation program. This financial support became a crucial lifeline during a period of unemployment, relieving me of any concerns about financial strain”.

Neha’s advice to fellow Newcomers to Canada seeking employment is to “Actively engage in local communities, attend networking events, and tailor your resume to Canadian standards. Stay persistent, leverage online platforms, and maintain a positive mindset throughout your job search”.

“My journey with the IEP program at York University has been a personal odyssey of growth and success. This program has not just been a professional journey; it has been the best personal chapter since I arrived in Canada, setting the stage for continuous success and growth”.