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Kouassi Aristide Fabrice Kouame

Kouassi Aristide Fabrice Kouame

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Kouassi Aristide Fabrice Kouame

Foundation Program

International Development Manager
Collège Boréal

Kouassi Aristide Fabrice Kouame, a successful immigrant from Ivory Coast has found his place in Canada through hard work and perseverance. After facing challenges and barriers in finding employment, and as French speaker working to develop his English communication, Kouassi joined the Foundations Program.

Through the program, Kouassi gained knowledge and skills to prepare for the Canadian Labour Market. “The Foundation Program has really help develop my English skills. It has also opened my mind on some cultural must-know values”.  He also credits the program with his current success, “This (Foundation Program) has paved my route to success here in Canada. In less than one (1) year I am holding an important Management position”.

Through the program Kouassi identified he was able to fill in cultural gaps and connect with others, which helped him to succeed in his new environment. It also helped him make new connections and grow his personal and professional networks as well as providing him “with some great insights about the Canadian culture. Managing people in Canada is different from my background and this continues to help”.

His experience in the program has been invaluable, as he has been able to achieve his goals and positive results, including holding an important management position at Collège Boréal as the Manager International Development.

For Kouassi, knowledge is the key to succeeding in a new environment. He believes that the Foundations Program at York University did more than just improve language, communication, and management skills. “It fills in cultural gaps and connects you,” he said.  His advice for other newcomers who are looking for employment in Canada, Kouassi emphasized the importance of learning, “knowledge is the PIN to succeed in a new environment.”