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Nafia Maha

Nafia Maha

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Nafia Maha

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Foundation Program

Digital Marketing Manager
Toromont Cat

I was a professional Marketer in my home country, working with big clients and celebrities on various PR campaigns. I was confident that my skills and experience would be an asset for Canadian employers. However, I realized that it was difficult to find a job as I don’t have any Canadian experience. I began to seek help from employment agencies that connect newcomers to employers, and that’s when I found out about York University’s IEP Bridging Program.

As an IEP student at York University, my peers & professors helped me a lot in gaining a better perspective on the Canadian job market and navigating my career path in Canada. Even though the IEP Certificate program is part-time, I think it’s as good as doing a full-time undergraduate degree at York. I am happy to have experienced continuing my studies in a North American academic institution.

On the other hand, the job-hunting process was very challenging. It took me two years before I landed a job as a Digital Marketing Specialist at Toromont Cat. One of my peers in the IEP program who works at Toromont Cat referred me to this position. I utilized the public speaking skills and marketing knowledge from my courses to succeed in my interviews!

I would recommend the IEP program to a newcomer. Not only is it funded by the Ontario government, but you will also gain considerable exposure being a part of the program with all the fantastic networking opportunities and connections you will have at York. It puts you on a fast track to success. IEP program is the best bridging program to jumpstart your career in Canada.