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May 4 Methods Clinic - Media data collection using R 10 - 3pm EST

May 4 Methods Clinic - Media data collection using R 10 - 3pm EST

Media data collection using R

4 May 2021, 10-3pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Register by April 27, limited spots

Facilitators: Professors Cary Wu and Muyang Li, Sociology

 Part I. 10-12pm, R basics. Professor Wu

This workshop will cover the basics of R programming (e.g., data importation, data visualization, and simple regression analysis).

Part II. 1-3pm, Traditional media and Twitter data. Professor Li

The first half of this session will introduce traditional media data collection using resources from York University Libraries. The second half will demonstrate how to collect real-time Twitter data using R programming.

Note: You must have R and RStudio installed in your computer, and you must have a Twitter account and an access token (allow at least 24 hours for approval). The step-by-step Twitter instructions can be found here.

Dr. Wu's research focus is on political culture and inequality. His methodological strategy is primarily quantitative, although he has also used qualitative data.

Dr. Li is interested in media and culture. Her research is interdisciplinary in scope, using computational, qualitative, and quantitative methods for content analysis.

The RCPS Methods Clinic is a monthly workshop on various social science methods-related topics. Clinics are open to faculty and graduate students who have experience with the method identified, are currently practicing it, or are considering it. Depending on the topic and facilitator, the workshop may cover a brief introduction to the method, epistemological and ethics issues, some practical instruction, and a discussion of tips, challenges, and strategies. We welcome your suggestions for future clinic topics. For more information, please contact

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