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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take five courses per year in the direct entry Program?
No. You can take fewer than five courses. However, if you plan to graduate in four years, you must make these up in summer sessions, or take more than four years to graduate

What grades do I need to complete my BSW?
You need to have a GPA of 5.0 (C+) with no courses in Social Work under a C. (see pages 26 and 27 in the BSW Handbook).

What is a full-time student?
A full-time student is taking 18 credits or more during the Fall/Winter term.

When do my General Education requirements need to be completed?
These requirements need to be taken in the first 42 credits of the degree. Please note that a maximum of 36 credits can be used to fulfill the degree requirements.

How can I finish the program in four years?
Students who wish to complete the BSW in four years, should follow the recommended course sequence plan in the BSW Handbook of (30 credits per year ) in the Undergraduate section of the website.

Do I have to take SOWK 4020 with the practicum or before?
Direct entry students must take SOWK 4020 with the practicum. Post-degree students may take SOWK 4020 before or with the practicum.

Can I take SOWK 2020, 2025, and 2035 as free choice courses?
No. These courses are general interest courses for non-social work students. Social Work students must take social work 3rd and 4th year elective courses on these topics because they contain professional and practice content.

If I have a community college diploma, do I have to take SOWK 1011?
Community college diplomas from designated programs (e.g Social Services Diploma holders) will be exempt from SOWK 1011. All other diploma holders must take it.

How do I know how much advanced standing I get for my community college diploma?
When you are accepted, the Admissions Transfer Credits Division  will assess your diploma and tell you what transfer credits you will receive.

Is a community college diploma holder who takes SOWK 1011 able to take SOWK 2030 and SOWK 2050 concurrently?
Depending on your transfer credits, you may be given permission to take these courses concurrently.

When am I ready to apply for the practicum?
Direct entry students are ready when they have completed all their core Social Work courses and 57 credits in non-SOWK courses except SOWK 4020. Post-degree students are ready when they have completed all of their core courses, including SOWK 4020.

Can I use my community college practicum hours towards my BSW practicum?
No. Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work (CASSW) standards require a 700 hour placement for BSW students.