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Bachelor of Social Work

We are leaders in critical social work, committed to social justice, human rights and equity. We work with groups who have been marginalized and produce research that has real impact on the community. Our dedicated instructors draw from a strong contemporary curriculum and their own practical experience.

We offer two streams of entry into the program. BSW Direct Entry allows students who have graduated from high school or community college to apply for the first year of the program. BSW Post-Degree Entry admits students who have completed a three-year honours undergraduate degree.

What you’ll learn 

  • Community-based research practices
  • Racial and colonial discourses in social work
  • Diversity Inclusion & Belonging
  • International Social Work
  • Social Welfare and Human Services
  • Indigenous Social Work
  • Sexuality, Race & Ethnicity
  • Social Justice in social work

Hands-on experiences 

  • In-class and unpaid course placement opportunities for credit
  • A required degree placement that follows accreditation standards, which is very different from a regular internship or co-op 
  • Required volunteer work within the community
  • Guest speakers in most classes, which include front-line professionals and those who work within social services in the community 
  • Role-play as a learning method in some courses
  • Community research projects

My education at York has helped me achieve my goals by fostering an interest in knowledge and skill development. During my educational career at York I was able to attend various training sessions and leadership opportunities which allowed me to develop practical knowledge and add professional skills to my resume.

— Deandre Bonnelle
Alumna, Social Work '17

Learn more about our alumni

male and female student in front of dahdaleh building on keele campus