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1980 Season

Abelard and Heloise

Abelard and Heloise

Feb. 7 - 9, 1980
Vanier College Hall

One of the greatest love stories of all time, this play was inspired by Helen Waddell's Peter Abelard and the letters of the 12th century lovers: a monastic scholar and poet and the innocent girl who came to adore him. Abelard loses his heart and his reason to Heloise, has a child by her and, in violation of his vows, enters into a secret marriage. Heloise's vengeful uncle alerts the ecclesiastical authorities. The lovers are separated and Abelard is castrated. She enters a nunnery and he a monastery. They meet again years later when he turns over to her, as abbess, a community he founded at their parting.

Written by Ronald Millar

Directed by Fredrick H. Thury
Assistant Directed by Annabelle Tully
Stage Managed by Dorothy Tenute
Assistant Stage Managed by Maralyn Blake

Production Managed by Ceri Stephens
Lighting and Sound Design by Dan Tulloch
Costume Designed by Evan Ayotte

Allyne Nepom
Anna C. Fediw
Annabelle Tully
Ben Naxon
Bob Dawson J
Bob Gentleman
Brad Varey
Braham (Brahm) Segal
Brian Scott
Cameron Gourley
Ceri Stephens
Dan Tulloch
Debbie Laurila
Deborah Sutherland
Dorothy Tenute
Doug Millage
Glen Anthony
Hedy Minten
J.P. Chassels
Jenny Hynes
John Gazey
John Kleran
Judy Siblin
Karen Switzer
Keith Hlady
Keith Kemps
Kevin Crowley
Kim Sipila
Larry Langford
Laura MacFadden
Laura Zaffiro
Liz Lundell
Lloyd Gill
Mark Butcher
Marni Walsh
Mary Lawlis
Michael Creal
Michael Gulycz
Michael Hofmann
Norman Kunc
Paul Leonard
Randy Finnerty
Rhonda Jeffery
Shirley Gulliford
Steve Woodcock
Tom O'Neill
Vera McDonald ​

Evan Ayotte, Jennifer Albu, Carol Amarault, Paul Balan, Maralyn Blake, ​Roz Blaiklock, Shawn Brayman, Debbie Broitman, Pat Chester, Douglas Brown(e), Geoff Cohen, Andris Cuksts, Jane Dearing, Anna Fediw, Tania Giontsis, and Greg Jacobs

​Special Thanks To:
Young Peoples Theatre
Barb MacDougall
Tal Bevan
Warren Rill
Rolf Singer
Joe Mahon
George Stange
Mr. Peacock of Mansonville Plastics
Joe Tully
Jim Brown
Terri Kuhl
Charlie Houghton