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2002-2003 Season

Season Staff:

Nancy Accinelli, Executive Producer
Fredrick H. Thury, Artistic Director
Kristen Horner, Associate Director
Mike 'Nug' Nahrhang, Associate Director
Jeff Stevenson, Assistant to Director
John Beers, Associate Producer and Costume Agent
Jean-Paul Yovanoff, Associate Producer and House Manager
Tricia Lee, Production Manager
Beth Robertson, Production Manager
David Di Giorgio, Musical Director
Adam Uth, Assistant Technical Director
​Sherma Mitchell, Business Manager

Forever Yours, Marie-Lou

Forever Yours, Marie-Lou

Oct. 23 - 26, 2002
Vanier College Studio Theatre, 258 Vanier College

They say hindsight is 20/20. They're not wrong. Ten years after their parents' death in a car accident, now-grown sisters Carmen and Manon are together for one of their rare visits - and one of them is finally ready to confront their shared tragedy.

Written by Michel Tremblay
Translated by John Van Burek and Bill Glassco

Directed by Kristen Horner
Stage Managed by Beth Robertson

Lighting Designed by Jason Craig and Laura Meil
Costumes Designed by Debbie Girard
Props Designed by Jean Toomey
Sound Designed by Jessica Giles and Jean Toomey
Publicity by Leighann Lockwood

Debbie Girard as Carmen 
Ryk Simpson as Leopold 
Stephanie Jeronimo as Manon
Theresa Noon as Marie-Lou

The Drunkard

The Drunkard

Nov. 21 - 30, 2002
Vanier College Studio Theatre, 258 Vanier College

The story of a man's descent into the evils of alcohol, his redemption, and the effect it has on his family. Also featuring a despicable dastardly villain capable of doing the most debased deeds imaginable, Siamese twins, bar fights, a Broadway street, a crazy little sister, a full-size carousel, and much more!

Written by William Henry Smith

Directed by Morgan Passi and Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang
Stage Managed by Mariana Salazar
Assistant Stage Managed by Ainslie Graham

Scenic Background Designed by Ana Henriques
Scenic Background Painted by Ana Henriques, Laura Thompson, and Mariana Salazar
Sound Designed by Fredrick H. Thury and Tom Kerr
Lighting Engineered by Tricia Lee
Costume Designed by Sharon Hann
Assistant Costume Designed by Stephanie Avery
Publicity by Leighann Lockwood

Alicia Moore as Mary Wilson
David Heelan as Reverend Johnson/Policeman 
David Waxman as Loafer Sheesmasister/Man 2
Evan Dickson as Man 1/Arden Rencelaw
Geoff Fleming as Loafer Dontknower/Farmer Gates
Jasmine Ramirez as Agnes Dowton
John Beers as Loafer Youbrotter/Messenger
John Grogan as Boy/Mrs. Wilson
Jon Blair as Lawyer Cribbs
Kayla St. Cartier as Prudence Brayton
Liam Morris as The Landlord/Barkeep
Michael Sapingas as Edward Middleton
Michelle Blore as Miss Spindle
Nathan Callens as Sam
Stacy Douglas as Tabernaquelle
Tarah Consoli as Julia
Todd Smith as William Dowtown
Wendy Liebner as Patience Brayton
FOH Staff:
Sean Albert, Sandi Becker, Debbie Girard

Pirates of Penzance

Pirates of Penzance

Mar. 6 - 22, 2003
Vanier College Studio Theatre, 258 Vanier College

Frederic, who, having completed his 21st year, is released from his apprenticeship to a band of tender-hearted pirates. He meets the daughters of Major-General Stanley, including Mabel, and the two young people fall instantly in love. Frederic soon learns, however, that he was born on the 29th of February, and so, technically, he has a birthday only once each leap year. His indenture specifies that he remain apprenticed to the pirates until his "twenty-first birthday", meaning that he must serve for another 63 years. Bound by his own sense of duty, Frederic's only solace is that Mabel agrees to wait for him faithfully.

Music by Arthur Sullivan
Libretto by W.S. Gilbert

Directed by Fredrick H. Thury
​Orchestrations by David Di Giorgio
Choreographed by Fredrick H. Thury and Theresa Noon
​Ensemble Coached by Theresa Noon
​Stage Managed by Debbie Girard
Assistant Stage Managed by Jeff Stevenson and Mariana Salazar

Set Designed by Fredrick H. Thury
Scenic Designs by Ana Henriques
Scenic Background Painted by Ana Henriques, Laura Thompson, and Kelly Preeper
Lighting Operated by Patrick Groom and Tricia Lee
Sound Engineered by Liam Morris
Costumes Designed by Sharon Hann

Andre Nouri as Pirate/Police
Behsad Ali as Pirate/Police
Brendan Hennessey as Pirate/Police 
Corbin Murdoch as Pirate/Police 
David Mesiano as Pirate King Richard
David Vaisberg as Pirate/Police
Diane M. Japedjief as Daughter
Erica Webb as Daughter
Erin Rutherford as Daughter
Emrys Davis as Pirate/Police
Guy Doucette as Lieutenant Samuel
J.F. Atkins as Pirate/Police
Jayna Hart as Daughter
Jesse Martin as Major General 
Jesse Paikin as Pirate/Police
Jon Luey as Pirate/Police
Jonathan Honsberger as Pirate/Police
Lauren-Eve Lazar as Daughter
Lena Zimm as Edith
Matt Snell as Pirate/Police
Michelle Cabral as Mabel
Mike Sapingas as Frederic
Morgan Russell as Daughter
Ran Lewin as Pirate/Police
Ryan Johnston as Pirate/Police 
Sandi Becker as Daughter 
Sean Kaufmann as Pirate/Police
Stephanie Hill as Isabel
Stephanie Jeronimo as Daughter
Stephanie Ripley as Daughter 
Tania Harris as Kate
Theresa Noon as Ruth
Tom Kerr as Police Sergeant Edward
​Vanessa Lanch as Daughter