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1998-1999 Season

Season Staff:

Nancy Accinelli, Executive Producer
Fredrick H. Thury, Artistic Director
Finn Harvor, Associate Producer
Sherri McFarlane, Associate Producer
Sean Donaghey, Associate Producer
Michelle Wong, Company Stage Manager
Kevin Greenspan, Marketing Director
Lori-Ann Campbell, Publicity Committee
Malcom Steane, Lighting Consultant
Roy Barell, Sound Electrician
Sherma Mitchell, Business Manager
Sue Hall, House Manager



Nov. 4 - 14, 1998

Hosanna takes place in the Montreal, Quebec apartment of Hosanna, a drag queen dressed as Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra, and centres on the relationship between her and Cuirette, an aging "stud" and gay biker, after they have returned from a Halloween party.

Written by Michel Tremblay

Directed by Fredrick H. Thury
Stage Managed by Eva Mai Fortune
Assistant Stage Managed by Eddie Sword

Costume Designed by Bill Thoms
Lighting Designed by Matthew McCarthy
Electrician Work done by Helen Kontozopoulos
Props Mastered by Marni Brinder
Painting of Cuirette by Bill Thoms

Ryan Bureyko as Hosanna
Ryk Simpson as Cuirette

Festival III!

Festival III!

Jan. 22 - 30, 1999

Written by Fredrick H. Thury 
Directed by John Catucci
Stage Managed by Michael Royle

Assistant Stage Managed by Michelle Wong and Eddy Sword 

Production Manager Assisted by Randy Le Gendre 


Set Designed by Fredrick H. Thury 
Lighting Designed by Matthew McCarthy

Wardrobe Designed by Jennifer Bunt 

Lighting Electrician Work done by Helen Kontozopoulos 

Sound Electrician Work done by Roy Barell 

Property Mastered by Alex Zavaligia

Allison Resnick
Cameron Gourley
David Burns
David Mesiano
Eddy Sword
Esther Chung
Genevieve Adam
John Beers
Lynda Hockley
Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang
Ryk Simpson
Tally Smilovici

York Follies

York Follies

Mar. 3 -13, 1999

Directed by Fredrick H. Thury 
Produced and Director Assisted by Sherri McFarlane 
Stage Managed by Eva-Mai Fortune 
Assistant Stage Manged by Ami Rouleau

Production Managed by Michelle Wong
Lighting Designed by Matthew McCarthy
Compiled and Edited by Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang
​Percussive Arrangements by David Pontello
Electrician Work done by Kevin Greenspan
Sound Electrician Work done by Roy Barell
​House Managed by Sue Hall

David Mesiano as Billy
Genevieve Adam as Bronte
Jean-Paul Yovanoff as Edmund
Kristen Horner as Claire
Kyle McKeown as Sean 
Lori-Ann Campbell as Paulette
Marni Brinder as Heather
Matthew-Aaron Dusk as Michael
Melissa McNamara as Eileen
Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang as Archie
Robb Coutie as Brian

One Act Play Festival

One Act Play Festival

A Thanksgiving That Would Make Even Aunt Gladys Proud  written by Ron Sparks

Hunting Mr. Williams  written by Scott Thrower

Is That You Woodchuck?  written by Kristen Horner

Festival Directed by Ryk Simpson 
Festival Production Stage Managed by Michelle Wong 
Light Electrician Work done by Rob Kopachynski 
Sound Engineered by Roy Barell 
House Managed by Sue Hall 
Back Stage Managed by Michael Royle and Eddy Sword 
Settings Managed by Fredrick H. Thury, Luka Pasquali, Ryk Simpson, and Kristen Horner 

A Thanksgiving That Would Make Even Great Aunt Gladys Proud 
Written by Ron Sparks 
Directed by Kristen Horner 
Aizick Grimmar as Walter  
Becca Riley as Kevin 
Daniel Denov as Charles 
Genevieve Adam as Mary  
Jordan Kanner as Ferris 
Kyle McKeown as Grungy Pete 
Lonny Kates as Ted 
Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang as Ed/Edna 
Mike Rottman as George 
Randy Le Gendre as Chuck the Exterminator  
Rochelle Carmelly as Alice  
Tally Smilovici as Samantha 

Hunting Mr. Williams 
Written by Scott Thrower 
Directed by Ryk Simpson 
Andrea Vrancea as Guard 
Jason Kucherawy as Eric 
John D. Catucci as Alex 

Is That You Woodchuck? 
Written by Kristen Horner 
Directed by Luca M. Pasquali 
Ami Rouleau as Laura 
Becca Riley as Janice 
Jason Kucherawy as Paul  
Ron Sparks as Ian 
Steve Vaovic as Gary 
Tally Smilovici as Alex 

Vanier Improv Company (VIC)

Vanier Improv Company (VIC)

Directed by Fredrick H. Thury
Produced by David Crawford

Alexandra Slaby
Ali Bray
Ami Rouleau
Brent Johnston
Genevieve Adam
Jason Kucherawy
Melissa McNamara
​Mike 'Nug' Nahrgang
Robb Coutie
Ron Sparks