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PWSA Annual Symposium

Every year, the Professional Writing Students' Association (PWSA) invites you to participate in a themed symposium. At these events, students can present their ideas, reflect on their personal experiences and network with peers. Read below for more details on upcoming events and recaps on previous years.


April 2021

Derived from the Latin word “limen,” meaning “threshold", liminality refers to space of change in-between.

With “Liminalities,” the PWSA invites students to write and present 10-minute papers about the events, emotions, realizations, growth, consequences and change that surround the in-between.

Topics include:

  • Life-changing events, moments or decisions
  • Rites of passage
  • Identity changes
  • Physical and mental transformations
  • Borders and limits
  • Reality, dreams and perception
  • Possibilities and uncertainties
  • Milestones and stages of life
  • Liminal spaces in the arts (music, dance, visual art)

Past Events

Held in April 2020, the PWSA's Mindscapes symposium covered an assortment of topics focused on mental health and addictions, race, diaspora literature and experiences, sexuality, moments of kairos, alternative points of view on popular opinions, gender, expressions of individuality and identity, persuasive essays, life-changing moments and opening minds.

During the event, eleven Professional Writing students delivered creative projects across four intriguing panels: Spirals, Unthought Known, Body Knowing and Living the Questions.

On April 25, 2019, fifteen panelists who spent the past year (or two) putting into words their insightful and revolutionary ideas shared them with students, faculty, and the York community. It was a day of celebration, and of honouring the intelligence and impact of undergraduate writing and research. We are excited to share their pieces here for you to read. You will find words of change, of passion and of empowerment that will make you think, reflect and question your current perspectives.

View 2019 Symposium Papers on Inventio.